The sun is shining, the weather is gorgeous, and school is out for the season. But where are all of your customers?


While tourism and restaurants are experiencing a summer surge, other industries can find themselves in a summertime slump. With Americans predicted to spend $95 billion on hitting the road this year, many businesses may see a decline in revenue as more customers put their money towards travel. 


So, how can your brand boost business this summer? The answer could be as simple as a summertime SMS campaign. With an average open rate of 98%, SMS delivers real results, real fast.


Here are five SMS campaigns that are guaranteed to drive more traffic to your website or through the door.


Why SMS?


You might be wondering why you should add SMS to your summer marketing campaign efforts. To put it simply, SMS is one of the most powerful—and effective—marketing tools out there. Brands can send personalized text messages to boatloads of customers and enjoy strong ROI.


Some of the benefits of using SMS to increase summer sales include:


  • Stellar click-through rates


  • Prompt delivery


  • Customized engagement


  • Highly efficient


Whether you’re sending product releases or promos, SMS ensures you’re getting more eyeballs on your brand.


Now that you know the power of SMS, here are five campaigns to try to heat up your summer sales. 


1. Summer-specific tips


Your marketing campaigns should always be relevant. You wouldn’t want to receive an email coupon for snow boots in May, would you? Well, unless you live in Antarctica…


When sending texts to opted-in customers, it’s essential that each message provides them with value. Sending seasonal tips that are relevant to your industry is a wonderful way to interact with and inform consumers.


Send tips that are not only pertinent to your brand but also helpful. This will remind customers that your business always puts their needs first. As a result, they’ll feel more tempted to purchase a product.


Don’t know what tips to send? Get some inspiration from the following examples:


  • Ways to protect yourself from damaging UV rays


  • Methods to beat the heat, including staying hydrated or wearing breathable fabrics


  • How to save money during a summer vacation


Need more help? Check out our blog to learn how to write impactful texts in five and a half easy steps. 


2. Sizzling summer flash sales 


People naturally respond to urgency. Use SMS to send a limited-time offer, or flash sale, to immediately grab your customer’s attention. Encourage them to act fast by making a direct purchase.


Use phrases like, “Hurry up!” or “While stock lasts” to prompt them to take action between trips to the pool and summertime cocktails.


Keep your message clear and concise. For instance, try something like:


  • “Hurry up and cool off with a 25% sitewide sale!”


  • “Enjoy 10% off your next order. Act fast, products won’t last long!”


3. Ride the wave of fun summertime events 


Want to use your promos for longer than a single day? Create SMS messages that are relevant to summertime holidays or events in your area. People LOVE holidays, especially when they’re coupled with deep discounts.


As summer comes to a close, continue the fun with back-to-school sales.


4. Customer appreciation messages 


Loyal customers are the bedrock of your brand. People love to feel connected to their favorite brands. Show customers how much you appreciate them by sending a special discount to your patrons. You can even provide them with a discount that they can share with their friends. This is a great way to attract new customers and entice them to opt-in.


5. Use an omnichannel approach


While SMS is great on its own, brands can achieve more success by incorporating SMS into a larger omnichannel campaign. Use SMS alongside campaigns on Facebook, Viber, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Upsell or cross-sell items across all of these different platforms. For instance, if a customer shows interest in an SMS text for summer t-shirt sales, be sure to send them shirt product recommendations on Facebook or Instagram.


When taking an omnichannel approach, it’s crucial that you create a cohesive customer experience across all channels. Keep your brand voice the same and always personalize your messages to cater to a specific customer’s or demographic’s desires.


Mitto will heat up your summer sales


Want to meet your brand’s growth goals this summer with SMS? Try Mitto Campaigns. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to develop and manage your SMS summer campaigns. Choose your audience, craft your message, and launch your campaign. You can even monitor results!


To start boosting summertime sales via SMS, contact Mitto today.