Founded in 1896, Roche is the world’s largest biotech company and a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and pharmaceuticals for infectious diseases, immunology, oncology ophthalmology, and diseases of the central nervous system. Providing these two solutions under one roof enables Roche to deliver the best treatments to each patient efficiently.

Roche developed 30 medicines in the World Health Organization Model Lists of Essential Medicines, including cancer treatments, life-saving antibiotics, and antimalarials. The multinational healthcare company has been recognized as the Group Leader in sustainability within the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and life sciences industries for 10 years in a row by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI).

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Roche has a net worth of $244.65B.

Use Cases

  • Customer Support



A pioneer in personalized healthcare, Roche steers away from a one-size-fits-all approach to deliver the best care for each person. Leveraging data, analytics, and technology across research and development, as well as the care continuum, Roche aims to improve lives and advance better health at lower costs to patients worldwide.

As such, personalization is paramount to Roche. This extends to not only its solutions but its customer support.

“We wanted to deliver more personal experiences to our customers and communicate via the channels of their choice.” Nikola Guberinic, Digital Partner at Roche, explained.

With over 1.17B users worldwide and 820+ active monthly users, Roche chose Viber as its conversation tool for two-way customer support. However, since it was using Viber as a single entity, Roche was experiencing efficiency issues. It was also challenging for the company to monitor and personalize all interactions.

“We didn’t have any valuable information regarding the potential of our communication, and we were not able to upgrade our content based on customer preferences,” Nikola said.

Roche needed a better way to manage its communications to provide prompt, personalized support to every customer.


To ensure every customer received the support they needed, Roche turned to Mitto and our Conversations platform to keep all customer information and functionalities in one convenient location.

Mitto Conversations allows enterprises to manage all communications and support customers across every channel from a single, unified platform. Enterprises can use the advanced messaging platform to personalize communications, automate support, and customize end-user experiences. Mitto Conversations can be effortlessly integrated into existing tech stacks to further tailor communications based on customer segmentation.

From consultation to implementation, Mitto provided Roche with dedicated support. Together,  they developed the following strategy:

  • Provide personalized 1:1 support with direct messaging and automated chatbot assistance
  • Customize the dashboard and organize conversations to manage all customer communications efficiently
  • Set up auto-replies for 24/7 customer support

Roche used Mitto Conversations to bring all Viber Business messages into a single, orderly view to support all customers efficiently. Thanks to our globally dispersed team of communication experts, Roche received 24/7 support and ongoing consultative service.

Key Results

Using Mitto Conversations, Roche increased their Viber message open rates from 40% to 75%. End users received instantaneous communications tailored to their unique objectives and preferences.

“Mitto’s client service is impeccable, and they are open to upgrading their platform based on user feedback. The Conversations platform is so easy to use. It makes our communications very professional for end users!” Nikola said.

Contact us today to learn how Mitto can help your enterprise better support customers with swift, personalized two-way communications from a single, intuitive dashboard.