Businesses have numerous options when selecting a CPaaS provider. However, the effectiveness of their communication strategies hinges on which partner they choose.

To ensure their clients’ success, agencies must find a CPaaS provider that offers flexible solutions, alongside superior customer care, security, and dependability.

Mitto’s mission is to deliver reliable, high-quality communications between brands and consumers. They provide the services, support, and scalability to make this happen.

Here are four reasons your agency should consider partnering with Mitto.

1. Mitto empowers brands to harness the power of omnichannel communications


The modern customer journey isn’t linear. It involves twists and turns across multiple channels and devices. Omnichannel communications merge all of these touchpoints into one seamless, cohesive experience. Businesses can deliver consistent, personalized messaging across all communication platforms. This allows brands to exceed consumers’ expectations, deepen trust, cultivate loyalty, and drive growth, retention, and profits.

Companies that have achieved a mature omnichannel communications strategy are:

  • 4X more likely to report highly loyal customers
  • 3X more likely to report annual revenue growth
  • 2X more likely to respond to customers in real-time

Mitto’s messaging platform allows your customers to manage communications across multiple channels from a single easy-to-use inbox to keep all messaging consistent. They can effortlessly craft personalized messages, organize chats, and automate replies from a centralized location accessible to their entire team.

2. Intelligent AI routing for optimal delivery


SMS is a powerful customer engagement tool, with 98% open rates and 9.18% higher clickthrough rates than all other digital channels. Unfortunately, SMS campaigns are ineffective if messages aren’t delivered promptly.

Mitto’s AI-routing platform ensures the fastest, most dependable delivery speeds at the lowest price point. Their technology does this by:

  • Continuously monitoring and running simulations on their networks to improve delivery and mitigate potential issues
  • Analyzing and prioritizing traffic to guarantee swift, reliable, and cost-effective deliveries
  • Automating delivery reports to prevent bot attacks and fraud

The intelligent platform lets businesses interact with more customers without spending more money.

3. Integrations that beef up tech stacks


Do your customers’ tech stacks need more tools? Probably not. Employees at Fortune 500 companies switch between multiple apps and tools 1,200 times per day. This is not only time-consuming, but all that toggling leads to fragmented and subpar customer interactions.

Mitto can optimize tech stacks without adding more tools. Their integration capabilities let brands ‌incorporate advanced communication tools with their existing platforms seamlessly. In just a few simple steps, your customers can add SMS API to HubSpot, Salesforce, Shopify, and more. Oracle Responsys users also have easy connectivity to WhatsApp Business, allowing them to engage with over two billion customers worldwide.

Plus, Mitto’s developer-friendly APIs allow businesses to connect to their tools directly and customize any application. This flexibility and scalability ensures Mitto’s solutions adapt to their ever-changing needs.

4. Mitto provides unwavering support at every step


From onboarding through implementation, Mitto supports their customers at every step. They cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, with each receiving the same high-quality support. Every customer is paired with a dedicated account manager who handles all inquiries, questions, requests, and concerns. These experts will help navigate technicalities, regulatory compliance, and everything in between to guarantee a swift and smooth execution.

After hours, brands can turn to Mitto’s globally dispensed team of multilingual communication experts for 24/7 support. Mitto provides localized expertise in numerous target regions.

Mitto is your trusted partner in global messaging solutions


Mitto has the tools, technologies, and team ‌your clients need to succeed. Partnering with them unlocks the connectivity to communicate effortlessly with customers across the globe.

Contact Mitto today to learn how their solutions can help your firm better serve its clients.