iCard was founded in 2007 and, since then, has revolutionised e-money products, transforming them into modern digital tools. Headquartered in Varna, Bulgaria, the international fintech company provides end-to-end payment solutions to more than 1.65 million individual and business customers in the European Economic Area. Thanks to their innovative suite of mobile and web banking services, powered by the collective knowledge of 250+ engineers, iCard processes hundreds of millions of transactions every year.


iCard Stats

  • Over 1.65 million clients throughout 30+ European countries
  • Over 4 million payment cards issued
  • Over 100 million transactions processed annually


Use Cases

  • User Verification







As an international fintech company serving many personal and corporate clients, iCard is committed to making digital payments easier, accessible, and secure. As a customer-centric business, iCard continuously seeks new opportunities to hone its technologies to offer the best customer experience, including user verification via SMS.


Unfortunately, iCard’s previous SMS communications service provider wasn’t cutting it. Users were experiencing SMS delays or not receiving text messages that contained crucial security information, including login links and one-time passcodes. These delays led to unsatisfied clients having trouble accessing their accounts or sending and receiving money transfers.


To better support their customers, iCard doubled down on finding a better solution. 




After weighing their needs and expectations, iCard partnered with Mitto because of our supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable customer success team. Mitto’s technologies seamlessly integrated with iCard’s current tech stack, making the deployment process effortless. 


Furthermore, iCard found Mitto’s invoicing and reporting processes user-friendly and easy to follow, allowing for complete transparency. Above all else, iCard could provide their customers with better support and mitigate login issues via SMS that were always efficiently delivered.


Key Results


After implementing Mitto’s SMS solutions, iCard saw successful SMS delivery rates of 99.99% without interruptions throughout their primary markets of France, Italy, and Romania. This reliable deliverability led to increased customer satisfaction and deeper levels of trust. Now, iCard can focus on what matters most, enabling accessible digital payments, while Mitto helps keep its customers and platform secure.


“The most stable service that we’ve ever used, Mitto is an excellent provider,” said Georgi Savev, Head of DevOps and IT Monitoring at iCard.