We live in an unpredictable world, and having the right insurance protects you and your family from the unexpected. Not only can insurance help ensure a brighter financial future, but it can also mitigate the impact of accidents, health problems, and natural disasters.

As every responsible adult knows, you pay the insurance right after writing a check for the mortgage.

Though insurance has become necessary, extended call waiting times, complicated policy terms, and lengthy claims processes are frustrating. With consumer demands rising, insurance companies must step up their game to attract and retain more customers.

Better customer experiences come from accessible, direct, and personalized communication. As the most popular messaging app with 98% open rates and over two billion users worldwide, WhatsApp Business allows insurers to provide prompt support 24/7, automate service offerings, simplify processes, and engage customers with tailored messaging.

Here are five ways insurers can benefit from WhatsApp Business.

1. Real-time, automated support


When it comes to insurance policies, customers have a ton of questions. Do I need life insurance? How much is my premium? What is renters’ insurance?

An insurance company’s support center can quickly become bogged down by all these inquiries. If customers’ concerns aren’t addressed in a timely manner, they will quickly become frustrated.

WhatsApp Business helps insurers deliver real-time resolutions to common questions via chatbots and auto-replies. Chatbots can swiftly provide information on straightforward inquiries like policy suggestions, quotes, and insurance advice. These bots act as a customer’s virtual insurance concierge 24/7.

Consumers will get the answers they’re looking for fast, and customer support agents will have more time to focus on complicated queries.

2. Personalized, accessible communications


Customers want to feel seen and heard, especially when it comes to protecting their livelihood and loved ones. Insurance firms can use WhatsApp’s advanced messaging capabilities to deliver individualized communications, including emojis, images, videos, and other interactive elements.

Send potential customers educational content that is tailored to their insurance needs. WhatsApp chatbots can also offer personalized policy recommendations based on a customer’s coverage needs and risk profile. These bots can also provide detailed information for each policy, helping customers feel more at ease.

3. Streamlined claims processes


Insurance claims processes can be long and tedious. But if an insurer fails to deliver on a customer’s claim, that person will quickly lose trust and take their business—and money—elsewhere.

Fast and smooth claims processes are essential. WhatsApp streamlines the entire process by taking the guesswork out of claim filing and tracking.  Customers can securely submit documents up to 2GB, receive instant confirmation of their claim status, and track their claim all through the app.

4. Instant alerts


We live in a fast-paced world. Customers may need reminders about premium payment due dates, policy maturity details, or claims they filed. Insurers can use WhatsApp to send customers gentle reminders and instant alerts for payments, cancellations, and policy renewals.

Companies can also send notifications about disasters, weather warnings, and other information that helps customers stay safe.

5. Robust security


WhatsApp Business features end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing that only the sender and recipient can see all documents and data exchanged. Customers using WhatsApp to file a claim have peace of mind knowing their sensitive information is safe and secure.

Exceed consumer expectations with WhatsApp


WhatsApp Business helps insurers deliver personalized conversations, smooth claims processes, and 24/7 support. This deepens customer trust, increases retention, and drives sales.

Mitto makes it easy for insurance providers to leverage the power of WhatsApp. Our WhatsApp Business solutions let you wow customers with rich, two-way communications on their favorite app. Plus, our globally dispensed team of multilingual communications experts offers guidance 24/7, from sign-up through deployment and beyond.

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