Aiodin Tech SDN BHD is a solutions-oriented business-to-business (B2B) organization that develops and maintains bespoke software and applications for large enterprises and small- and medium-sized business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, with a focus on the online gaming industry. Headquartered in Malaysia, Aiodin Tech specializes in networking and security data, business and technology consulting, and IT infrastructure solutions.


Use Case


  • Customer Notifications








As a company committed to quality and transparent client relations, Aiodin Tech is continually looking for opportunities to enhance its services. When their clients voiced their struggles with customer retention, Aiodin Tech knew they had to develop an effective solution quickly. With a robust background in technology, Aiodin Tech already understood the power of SMS and how it could remediate their clients’ pain points. SMS allows businesses to swiftly reach their customers externally, building trust and boosting retention rates.


During the exploratory phase, Aiodin Tech found many SMS providers failed to deliver efficient support and communication. There were also complicated communications regulations to navigate, and Aiodin Tech had not received the compliance support necessary to maximize ROI. Given these hurdles, Aiodin Tech needed an SMS provider willing to meet their needs and find creative solutions. Thus, they turned to Mitto.




Aiodin Tech’s founder, YW T., had previously worked with Mitto and knew his team could expect to receive top-notch communication solutions and stellar customer support. Working closely with their dedicated Mitto support team, Aiodin Tech seamlessly integrated Mitto’s SMS API into their existing tech stack.


Shortly after deploying Mitto’s SMS API, Aiodin Tech immediately saw an increase in deliverability and click-through rates. This increase was directly attributed to Mitto’s ability to deliver rich, engaging text messages to their client’s customers.


Key Results


●      Immediate increase in click-through rates (CTRs)

●      Increased reliability and message deliverability


What’s Next?


Building off the success of our SMS deployment, Aiodin Tech plans to begin using Mitto’s WhatsApp API to turbocharge its omnichannel marketing initiatives.


“Mitto has made customer outreach viable with little to no effort,” – CK, Ng, Business Analyst, Aiodin Tech