EButler is a service aggregator platform; a premium managed service marketplace serving as a digital “Butler” – or digital assistant – connecting users to more than 300 verified providers for more than 350+ services at no extra cost. Its customers are busy individuals who are looking for more time in their day. EButler reduces the stress and hassle of dealing with a chore or finding a provider for a service.

Sounds straightforward, right? EButler has essentially taken the idea of a virtual assistant and turned it into a platform. The marketplace connects users with professionals specializing in event planning, home, auto, delivery, shopping, pet services, and more. As a result, EButler solves many problems with a convenient application at a user’s fingertips. 

The Challenge at Hand

EButler had a communication problem, though. The core of their business model is connecting people for what is essentially contract work. When we think about contracting work, two words come to mind: efficient communication. So EButler needed a way to seamlessly (and quickly) facilitate communication between customers and service providers to provide updates on work status and provide payment links. Needing a global communication partner that could provide fast and reliable service at a fair price, EButler turned to Mitto.

Providing a Solution

EButler decided early on that the channel that best suited their needs was SMS. SMS is a globally ubiquitous channel that boasts a 98% open rate, typically in under 90 seconds. Not only that, but billions of mobile devices around the globe can send and receive texts. EButler also sought a robust API that could leverage custom sender IDs, provide competitive pricing, and exceed reliability expectations.

EButler chose Mitto because of Mitto’s stellar record as a global CPaaS provider and because of Mitto’s state-of-the-art routing platform that not only ensures quality but uses AI routing technology to save its customers money.

As with all marketplaces, transparency is critically important to delivering a positive customer experience. For EButler, not providing the status of work orders reduced customer trust and began damaging its brand. Mitto was able to solve these problems and offload additional work from EButler’s operations team. Mitto was extraordinarily helpful with the implementation and earned high marks for customer service. Furthermore, the custom sender IDs that Mitto provides were able to help EButler customize messaging for the different brands and providers with which they work.

A Successful Partnership

With a reliable A2P messaging partner, EButler can focus on what it does best, making the lives of working professionals easier. The one resource that none of us can ever recoup is time, and while Mitto isn’t inventing more time, we are helping EButler customers lose less of it than they were before.

EButler Co-founder & CEO Omar Ashour said, “Mitto is a world-class organization providing amazing solutions with a customer success team that truly cares about their clients.” He continued, “We are impressed with the reliability and range of offerings and flexibility that is provided for us.”