Founded in 2016, Growsari is a B2B eCommerce startup that helps the Philippines’ over one million sari-sari stores (neighborhood mom-and-pop convenience stores) grow their incomes and manage their business through a tech-enabled platform. The company does this by outfitting business owners with the tools and infrastructure they need to transform themselves from simple service outlets to comprehensive hubs for the nation’s grassroots communities.


Today, Growsari powers the analytics, growth, and management structure of more than 50,000 stores throughout 100 cities that are actively ordering on the platform each month. Additionally, the startup’s platform offers bill pay, Wi-Fi, and other essential eServices, enabling Filipino store owners to maximize their capital in one wallet to drive profits and business growth.


Use Cases


  • Customer Notifications
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Verification







Growsari serves Filipino stores that are typically unbanked, lack access to smartphones or feature phones, and use data sparingly. Most distributors or formal supply chains do not serve these businesses. As such, a dependable communications solution is essential for Growsari to effectively contact its customers about important order information.


The startup had partnered with SMS providers in the past but found them to be expensive and unreliable. Customers missed out on critical information and deals because they did not receive SMS messages in a timely fashion.


Furthermore, slow or unreliable OTPs meant more customers were locked out of their accounts, leading to an influx of calls to Growsari’s contact center. This flushed significant resources down the drain.


Sid Kongara, Growsari’s CTO and Co-founder, knew there was more his company could do to support its customers. Growsari needed a better solution to ensure customers promptly received time-sensitive SMS notifications.




Growsari ultimately partnered with Mitto because of their excellent customer support, dependable and cost-effective solutions, easy-to-use dashboard, and marketing channel variety. Mitto helped Growsari’s customer success and engineering teams troubleshoot concerns if and when they arose.


Key Results


Mitto’s ease of use and superior support from dedicated customer success architects allowed the startup to implement its new SMS services immediately. Despite significant regulatory changes, Mitto’s support also ensured Growsari was able to make a smooth transition.


Since using Mitto, Growsari has lowered its SMS costs by 30% without sacrificing quality or delivery rates.


“We’ve worked with a number of suppliers for SMS and other similar products over the years, but the engagement and support from Mitto really stood out. We feel like a key account with every concern addressed immediately, and proactive outreach at all times to head off potential problems.” – Sid Kongara, CTO and Co-founder of Growsari