Addition of SMS Channel Grows Brand and Increases Strength of Customer Relationships for High-Growth Gaming Platform.

The past couple of decades have been a great success for sports betting – an industry that has managed to grasp the attention of millions of investors around the world. Looking ahead, the global market of sports betting is expected to grow by $144.44 billion from 2020 to 2024 and cutting-edge technologies that enhance betting experiences are without a doubt going to become heavily sought after by the global betting audience. With so many choices of where to bet, building lasting and loyal relationships with a betting audience is becoming more challenging. Luckily, for these platforms, it also has never been easier to take advantage of SMS as a new communications channel – one that is bound to grab audience attention.  
Inbet is a betting platform focused on building a user-centered community and providing betting suggestions derived from 1,000+ games each month in order to share advice with a growing and highly engaged user base. Relying heavily on email and chatbots on social media as their main communication channels, Inbet faced challenges when changes to these channels policies were made. To solve for this, they sought new solutions that could be even more effective in solving problems for their users in a measurable way. They wanted to stand out from their competition and easily grab the attention of their audience.  

”We wanted to be closer to our users and have a way of communicating with them that would yield better short and long-term results than conventional communications. As such, we were looking for a solution that would differentiate us in an inexpensive, effective and flexible way”


With a growing audience of bettors, Inbet turned to Mitto for a simple communications solution that could support ongoing engagement. By leveraging Mitto’s easy-to-use Dashboard, measuring the effectiveness of communications with users became simple and streamlining communication at an optimal price was achieved through Mitto’s routing platform.  In turn, Inbet was able to get closer to their audience, creating a more personal, trusting relationship through daily, real-time communications. Whether you’re looking for the “bet of the day,” wanting to contact the Inbet Customer Support Team, or just seeking a quick-fix video to help you solve a hiccup, it’s all sent through the SMS channel in real time. Ultimately, this helped Inbet develop an advanced user experience that differentiated them from competition and strengthened their brand.  

Today, Inbet’s global audience is growing as the company’s has grown into a strong, trusted brand that is recognized among the international sports betting community because of the company’s dedication and ongoing effort to build lasting relationships via communications sent through new, unsaturated channels. As a trusted SMS partner, Mitto’s platform and customized support have helped back Inbet as they continue to seek out new ways to help build even stronger relationships.  

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