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Leverage Mitto's unique SMS connector to build creative workflows and drive campaign success!


Mitto’s SMS connector for Eloqua offers full implementation services with configuration into your Eloqua instance. The deployment includes flexible alternatives for installation on-premise or on the cloud. Easily drag and drop into the Eloqua campaign canvas to configure SMS delivery. You can also create personalized messages using Contact & CDO field merges in the SMS body.

The connector was designed to have the essential functionality that all users of Eloqua need. Let us know if you need additional features and elements with your canvas design. We will build them for you on top of the current version!

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Oracle Eloqua helps companies build closed-loop marketing and sales activities and manage cross-channel B2B marketing campaigns that nurture leads across each stage of the buying process. A best-in-class B2B marketing automation solution, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation offers campaign design, advanced lead scoring, real-time firmographic data, and integrated sales tools.