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Easily add Mitto as your preferred SMS channel to your Selligent Marketing Cloud account! Mitto SMS to your account without any technical knoledge


Mitto provides an SMS messaging service that can be used by Selligent customers to deliver Marketing communication via text messaging. You can add Mitto easily with the SMS connector tool within the Selligent platform. You can send, receive and see the status of each SMS sent through Selligent Marketing Cloud platform. Contact Mitto to get started today!

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Selligent is an intelligent omnichannel marketing cloud platform. Their mission is to make marketing personal. They help clients do this through an intelligent platform, exceptional service, and effective, efficient partnerships. As part of CM Group’s family of brands, teams and a network of partners around the world is dedicated to helping global clients in retail, media, entertainment & publishing, travel & hospitality, financial services, and other industries to deliver their marketing programs. With Selligent you are able to Integrate – Centralize and streamline your data sources, Automate – Sharpen your marketing workflows with AI and Execute – Bring every channel into a single journey.

Top features include:– Real-Time Audiences
– Evolving, data-driven audiences
– Personalized Content
– Pointed messaging at the perfect moment
– Journey Customization
– Flexible, no-code, cross-channel journeys
– Reporting & Optimization
– Strategically report, retarget, and iterate