JustClean was founded in 2016, as an on-demand laundry marketplace application in Kuwait. Ever since, they have evolved from a marketplace application for laundry services to a holistic ecosystem solution for laundry services. They have grown to add two additional arms to the business model: SaaS and Logistics. Additionally they offer logistical support to vendors, while also providing laundry management support and a point-of-sale (POS) systems.




Since the beginning of recorded history, a significant portion of the world’s population has loathed one household chore above any other: doing the laundry. While humans no longer need to take a washing board to the nearest creek, the majority of households remain without an in-unit washer and dryer. This leads to many nights at the laundromat or the dank basement of an apartment complex lugging back and forth heavy bags of dirty clothes; an unpleasant experience to say the least. 

With the rest of the world seeing a drastic shift to online and app-based commerce, the founders of JustClean asked themselves if a centuries-old industry could also use technology to add value to the business of washing clothes, taking a traditionally offline business online. They built a laundry marketplace where people, through a simple click, can choose their required laundry service from a concise pre-selected list. Laundry is picked up, cleaned, and dropped off for a fair price. JustClean provides a hassle-free service that is dependable, reliable, and consistent. 

Unfortunately, JustClean had a communication problem. In JustClean’s primary markets which consist of several countries in the Middle East, communication channels are fragmented. They needed a way to engage effectively with their users, send notes when a driver was coming to pick up their clothing, send messages when a driver had arrived to drop off clean clothing. Think about rideshare and food delivery apps, collecting your clothes from a cleaning service can have the same urgency as picking up a meal. Knowing the best way to effectively communicate with all of their users was SMS, JustClean sought out a leading global communication platform, so they chose Mitto.




JustCean implemented Mitto’s SMS A2P messaging solutions for a variety of use cases on their platform. In addition to adding SMS as a channel for alerts, reminders, and notifications (ie your driver is ready to pick up your laundry) JustClean has also implemented Mitto SMS for marketing as a way to grow and maintain their customer base.

Since deploying the Mitto SMS solution, JustClean has noted that their customer retention has improved and the overall userbase has expanded due in part to the success of SMS as a marketing channel. While JustClean started as an on-demand laundry service, the company has expanded to include on-demand car washes using the same platform. Mitto supports this vertical as well, using A2P messaging to keep users engaged whether they are interested in clean cars, clean clothes, or both.

“Since deploying Mitto’s SMS solution we have not only seen an improvement with our customer retention efforts, we have actually expanded our user base thanks to SMS. The Mitto team has been extremely helpful and we can’t wait to expand our relationship in the future.”

Fahad Ahmed
Digital Marketing Specialist

The relationship between JustClean and Mitto has progressed tremendously due to outstanding customer support and an excellent product. Based on the results from 2020, JustClean is expected to deploy Mitto for a verification use case in the new year, sending OTPs over SMS due to their expanded reach over mobile devices. 

People don’t like driving around in a dirty car or wearing dirty clothes. On the flip side, spending hours at the laundromat or the car wash can be just as soul-crushing as walking around with stains on your jeans. JustClean has eliminated the need to do either, and now in their partnership with Mitto, they can keep everyone (and everything) looking fresh. As SMS continues to power their marketing efforts, the future looks very bright for JustClean.


Key Results


The relationship between JustClean and Mitto has progressed tremendously due to outstanding customer support and an excellent product.

Synergies between JustClean and Mitto have led to:

  • User base growth
  • Increased customer retention