For over 30 years, Kibid has been a leading importer and distributor of acclaimed baby food brands Aptamil, Bebelac, Nutricia and Milupa manufactured by Danone, a multinational food corporation and Europe’s largest producer.

Kibid is passionate about making healthy, high-quality foods accessible to all children and proactively partners with scientific research and humanitarian institutions that support children’s health and nutritional habits.

Use Cases



Kibid recently launched an internal app exclusively designed for healthcare professionals to educate them about their offerings. Users can access valuable resources, including webinars, seminars, and product updates.

Privacy and security are paramount in the world of healthcare. To efficiently safeguard users’ sensitive information, Kibid implemented security verification procedures. Customers would receive a one-time passcode (OTP) via email when they first signed up for the app. Unfortunately, these emails were often sent to spam folders, hindering deliverability and access to Kibid’s app.


The company pivoted to SMS-based two-way authentication (2FA) to overcome this challenge. Since OTPs are time-sensitive, Kibid needed to deliver them quickly and efficiently. They turned to Mitto and our powerful AI-routing platform to ensure optimal SMS deliverability at the best prices.

Customer traffic runs through Mitto’s self-adjusting, carrier-grade routing platform. Our advanced technology continually checks hundreds of possible routes at a time for each global destination before choosing the optimal path. Leveraging AI, traffic is prioritized and identified by type, ensuring the best delivery speed and cost-effectiveness by the route.

Mitto’s SMS API can be seamlessly integrated into any custom-built solution. This allows companies to effortlessly merge our AI-routing capabilities with their existing tech stacks, providing superior deliverability at a potential cost premium.

Key Results

Due to Mitto’s advanced technology, Kibid’s customers promptly received their OTPs and could easily log into the app while protecting their private information. This bolstered user safety, increased app sign-up conversions, and deepened customer trust.

Kibid loved the flexibility of Mitto’s solutions and how easy it was to merge the technology with their existing platforms. The company also received white-glove customer service and 24/7 support from Mitto’s globally dispersed team of mobile technology experts.

“Behind Mitto is a palette of people that are easy to reach, contact, and communicate with,” said Ljiljana Lezecev, Assistant General Manager at Kibid.

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