Mapp offers a full-service marketing cloud designed to empower marketers and help brands automate engagement using real-time customer insights. Mapp Cloud allows companies to run AI and data-driven campaigns that support the entire customer journey. Customers such as PepsiCo, Westwing, Vivienne Westwood, La Martina, and Lamborghini already trust Mapp.




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As a marketing platform, Mapp provides various cross-channel campaign options for their customers, several of which involve SMS marketing. However, the technology needed to deliver campaigns across the SMS channel can be complicated to develop in-house. Mapp wanted to ensure the highest standard and efficiency for delivering an SMS marketing solution to their customers. They could create their own SMS API at great expense and developer resources, or they could choose an experienced tech partner with a proven track record in the space.


Mapp and Mitto partnered together, enhancing Mapp’s existing tech stack by allowing them to deliver wide-scale, cross-channel campaigns for their enterprise customers. Mitto has mastered deployment of communications APIs that enable businesses all around the world to directly engage with their users on channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, voice, Facebook Messenger or Viber.


This time, Mapp brought an exciting scenario to the table. Mapp needed a messaging partner to help them execute campaigns for their clients. If Mapp’s SMS provider fails, it’s not merely an issue of not sending message to their customers; it negatively impacts their client and the client’s campaign.


Anyone who has ever worked in client-based marketing and advertising knows this is unacceptable. Mapp needed a provider they could trust to layer on top of their existing tech stack. Mapp chose Mitto because of our global footprint, reputation for quality, and years of experience in the A2P messaging space. Mitto can send an SMS anywhere on the planet: alert, notify and confirm using the world’s number one preferred channel for communications.


With Mitto, Mapp also gains access to our world-class routing platform, which sends messages through a proprietary, proactive system. This AI-driven routing solution performs a real-time evaluation of routes, switching from one to another in search of optimal deliverability. But why and how does Mapp use Mitto for SMS? SMS as a channel for business messaging has become the gold standard, thanks to its unrivaled open rates and global ubiquity. High-level fact, SMS has a 98% open rate, typically within a few minutes.


Mapp’s clients seek a highly engaging channel to communicate with customers directly. Mitto was able to help Mapp secure the shortcode for an American multinational consumer goods corporation, so that they could create a highly engaged SMS journey that would bridge offline and online marketing.


The specific campaigns that Mapp can run using Mitto’s SMS API are limited only by the imagination of Mapp and their clients. But by using Mitto, they always know that they can reliably connect with global customers through the industry’s most trusted SMS enabler.




Together Mapp and Mitto guide marketers to a total digital transformation driven by customer insights and marketing automation.