A multinational conglomerate operating thousands of retail stores worldwide leveraged Mitto’s proprietary AI-routing platform, exclusive mobile carrier network, and Oracle Responsys integration capabilities to reduce SMS costs while increasing click rates. 

Use Cases 


  • Marketing Campaigns





As an organization committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, the retail and hospitality conglomerate understands its success hinges on delivering prompt communications and embracing advanced technology.

The company has adopted a strategic approach to customer engagement by leveraging SMS marketing campaigns, allowing them to reach customers in every market they serve. They also use Oracle Responsys to automate marketing activities and deliver individualized customer experiences in the moments that matter most. This ensures customers receive personalized, relevant messages that add value to their lives.

Unfortunately, the company’s previous communications provider lacked the routing quality needed to ensure optimal SMS deliverability, resulting in dropped texts and unhappy customers.

The organization knew they had to find a better partner to continue exceeding customer expectations while protecting margins. Additionally, the conglomerate wanted a provider that offered Oracle Responsys integration to boost efficiency and marketing effectiveness.



The global conglomerate partnered with Mitto because of our low-cost, high-impact SMS API solutions. Our robust global network of mobile carriers and proprietary AI-routing platform ensures SMS messages are delivered on time, every time. Our state-of-the-art platform: 

  • Analyzes and prioritizes traffic to guarantee the swiftest delivery speeds at the lowest price points
  • Continuously monitors networks to prevent potential issues and improve delivery
  • Runs simulations to find the fastest message paths possible
  • Keeps customers’ sensitive data safe by preventing fraud and bot attacks

Additionally, our SMS API solutions can be seamlessly integrated with Oracle Responsys. Users can tap into our sophisticated routing platform, exclusive connections to mobile carriers, and worldwide monitoring in minutes. 

Key Results


Partnering with Mitto delivered swift resolutions to the conglomerate’s challenges. They reduced SMS delivery costs by 8% and boosted click rates by 19% on 20 million monthly texts.


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