Picture it: You’re a powerhouse brand with countless users worldwide interacting on your platform every single second of the day. These interactions require access to the highest quality messaging solutions for real-time, mission-critical alerts and notifications – including SMS-based, time-sensitive two-factor authentication. Anything else means frustrated users, unnecessary costs, and a vulnerable ecosystem. 

With unlimited resources, you could choose any vendor to deliver these communications. In fact, you’re already using a good handful of them. But with your high volume, rate changes in certain markets, and all eyes on corporate profitability, you simply require the best –  most sophisticated – process for delivering your SMS traffic. 

Enter, Mitto.

Use Case 


Challenge: The High Cost of Quality

Q: What’s more expensive to a bottom line? 

  1. Billions of delayed and undelivered SMS one-time-passcodes (OTPs), or 
  2. Billions of SMS OTPs that were delivered at a price 200% higher than necessary

A: Yes.

Such is the case for many of the world’s large, multinational corporations and enterprises: reaching billions of end users spread across every corner of the globe requires constant attention to route quality, operator performance issues, fluctuating prices, and more. 

For the Mitto customer we’re highlighting, quality was down and costs were up. With a system already in place for multi-vendor-option route selection, it was time to add a tool to better ensure the cost/quality ratio needed for their level of global messaging volume.   


As noted in Gartner’s 2023 Magic Quadrant for Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), Mitto specializes in optimizing performance and costs for large enterprises, multinational corporations (MNCs), tech vendors and service providers who require volume with global demand for SMS, 2FA and voice.  We differentiate through our “constantly monitored, AI-enabled network which prioritizes routes for real-time reliability, enabling support of a different class of service (CoS) and prices according to CoS.” 

With an opportunity to showcase this specialization within this specific customer’s platform, we went to work.  

Step 1: We explained how our routing algorithm works. 

Unlike other SMS providers, Mitto leverages a proprietary system that distributes test SMS messages to real devices (physically present in all customer destination countries). These messages are paired with software that sends 24/7 feedback through to an AI routing engine that then selects the fastest and most cost-efficient route, based on this data. Through this process, we know in real-time – on a customer-by-customer and message-by-message basis – how to route messages to meet their specific needs, whether it be a lower cost per content type and use case or ensuring the highest quality for mission-critical time sensitivities. 

Step 2: They gave us a chance to show value. 

Intrigued by the capabilities of our routing engine, the customer decided to test our performance against other providers in destinations where they had determined better quality and/or pricing was necessary, and likely achievable. 

The task was clear: There were a handful of countries where quality was decreasing, and there were a handful of countries where price was increasing… Employ our routing magic, improve quality, and reduce costs. 

Mitto’s initial trial effort included around two dozen operators. We set pricing expectations, opened up the API connections, and it didn’t take long at all to see the needed results. Quality went up and cost savings came in – along with recognition from the customer that at Mitto, we clearly specialize in managing high-volume, international needs. 

Beyond our technology, performance for this and every customer is also the result of an A2P messaging pedigree bred from years of wholesale support. From long-standing relationships with operators, strategic exclusivities, and on-the-ground expertise that yielded the fastest onboarding and response times this client had ever seen, we were simply built to deliver. 

Step 3: Expand.

With a selective country test run successfully completed, Mitto’s services quickly scaled and now cover hundreds of operators worldwide for this customer. Within the first year of utilizing our SMS platform, over $10M was saved in messaging costs. 


Those who say “it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination” don’t know anything about global delivery of A2P messaging. It’s a complex ecosystem full of twists and turns that is best navigated by those equipped to find the smoothest path. At Mitto, our technology gathers more information about the journey ahead than any other on the market no matter where you are headed. We see pricing, content and feature requirements, and quality issues in real-time and proceed accordingly within the preset requirements of our customer. 

Whether your business has the high-volume, global needs of the customer described here or you are just starting out, it’s time to see what we can do. 

Contact us today to learn how Mitto’s cutting-edge communication tools can help your enterprise scale quality and cost savings.