Founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs Gianfranco Satta and Raffaella Pagano , WYCON Cosmetics is an Italian makeup and skincare brand that makes high-quality, cruelty-free products accessible to everyday consumers.

Headquartered in Italy, WYCON operates over 300 stores in major cities around the world and has launched a strong digital and omnichannel development plan in recent years.

Use Cases

  • Marketing Campaigns



As a brand that strives to break the mold of the cosmetics industry and help all customers look and feel their best, WYCON is dedicated to delivering inclusive products and memorable experiences.

To achieve this, WYCON uses SMS marketing campaigns and segments subscribers by age, gender, and region. This ensures customers receive personalized promotions, loyalty programs, and customized messages relevant to their needs, preferences, and desires.

To continue delighting customers while driving conversions, WYCON needed a communications provider that guaranteed fast and dependable deliveries at the best price possible. Additionally, the beauty brand wanted a partner that offered SALESmanago integrations to improve efficiency with marketing automation.

Unfortunately, WYCON’s previous provider lacked the capabilities and flexibility they needed to maximize productivity and profitability.


To continue serving every customer with the personalized service and support they’ve come to expect, WYCON switched to Mitto and our best-in-class SMS API and integrations solutions.

Mitto paired WYCON with a dedicated account manager who built a flexible pricing plan and customized integrations onboarding process. With a globally dispersed multilingual customer advocacy team, WYCON received the support they needed when they needed it 24/7.

“We were impressed by the responsiveness of Mitto’s staff on both the business and technical side, which allowed us to go live on several integrations in a surprisingly short time. In addition, the staff is very customer-focused and supports the customer both in the propaedeutic phases of the project and post-go-live. Last but not least is the attention to the customer in suggesting and supporting new integration initiatives and services, all without extra cost,” Albertino Felice, CIO at WYCON Cosmetics, explained.

In addition to world-class support, Mitto’s robust AI-powered routing platform optimized WYCON’s SMS marketing campaigns, increasing deliverability and ROI.

That’s because our cutting-edge technology:

  • Vigilantly monitors our global mobile carrier networks to improve delivery and mitigate issues
  • Runs simulations on networks to find the best message paths
  • Analyzes and prioritizes traffic to ensure the swiftest delivery speeds at the lowest costs

Key Results

After partnering with Mitto, WYCON saw an immediate uptick in SMS deliverability and a significant ROI increase. Mitto’s expert guidance enabled WYCON to get their integrations up and running as quickly as possible while improving their bottom line.

“Thanks to Mitto, we could unblock marketing activities and projects that were stalled with other partners because of contractual constraints that were too tight or because of the other partners’ lack of willingness to integrate new services. With Mitto’s team, we were immediately aligned because they are a results-oriented partner, and the technical staff is always ready to listen and implement whatever is needed to make our strategies possible, without the burden of extra integration costs,” Albertino said.

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