Established in 2015, Jiaxing Optimal IT Co., Ltd, known as YoniTech, is dedicated to providing integrated communication cloud services for global enterprises. With a presence in China, Singapore, Indonesia, and other regions, YoniTech holds a value-added telecom business license in China and boasts stable relationships with over 500 telecom operators worldwide. In 2017, the company independently developed an online cloud platform, launching global voice and SMS services. Since its inception, YoniTech has partnered with renowned enterprises across various sectors, including finance, e-commerce, gaming, and social networking, marking its footprint as a leader in integrated communication solutions.


  • OTP
  • Marketing Notifications



The A2P messaging market, where YoniTech has its core operations, is riddled with complexities. The market is saturated with third-party companies offering SMS traffic at competitive prices but often compromising on quality. This situation presented YoniTech with several challenges:

  • Lack of Direct Connections: Without direct connections, YoniTech grappled with unreliable SMS delivery, leading to poor service quality and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Regulatory Hurdles: Navigating the diverse regulatory environments across different regions without expert guidance often led to compliance issues and operational roadblocks.
  • Cost vs. Quality Dilemma: High prices for SMS traffic did not equate to high quality, leading to inefficient use of resources and diminished return on investment.

These issues were exacerbated by the expensive and inconsistent quality of direct connection lines, significantly affecting delivery rates and straining YoniTech’s resources.


YoniTech turned to Mitto for a comprehensive solution, finding a perfect ally in Mitto’s intelligent routing platform, renowned for being best in class. Our platform’s excellence is rooted in its active network monitoring, which diligently improves delivery and proactively prevents issues, ensuring consistent service quality. Furthermore, Mitto employs sophisticated simulations within its trusted networks to ascertain the most effective message paths, thereby ensuring dependable delivery crucial for business operations. The platform’s prowess is further amplified by AI-powered traffic analysis and prioritization, which collectively guarantee the fastest delivery speeds and cost-efficiency in business communications.

A key addition to YoniTech’s solution was the use of SMS for sending OTP and marketing notifications, crucial for their operations, particularly in regions like Asia, Australia, and Europe. Mitto’s direct routes ensure fast and clean delivery of OTPs, a critical requirement for YoniTech’s end users who need immediate receipt of these messages. This direct and reliable messaging service has allowed YoniTech not only to enhance its own operations but also to resell these services to other clients.

Furthermore, YoniTech benefitted from a dedicated account manager provided by Mitto. This manager played a pivotal role in handling all communications, requests, and inquiries, especially during the onboarding process. They efficiently managed the setup of regulatory compliances, Sender IDs, and other technicalities, ensuring a smooth and fast implementation.


The implementation of Mitto’s solutions, including their specialized SMS routes and intelligent routing platform, led to a significant improvement in Yonitech’s SMS delivery rates and customer satisfaction. The efficient handling of A2P messaging was markedly enhanced, solidifying YoniTech’s position as a leader in integrated communication solutions. The added support in terms of dedicated account management and the ability to resell services further contributed to YoniTech’s growth and customer loyalty in the competitive digital landscape. Additionally, Mitto’s reliable and compliant messaging solutions earned them a place on YoniTech’s traffic reference list, a testament to the strong and beneficial partnership between the two companies.

This revised narrative more comprehensively captures the expanded scope of YoniTech’s partnership with Mitto, emphasizing the critical enhancements and the broadened impact of their collaboration.

“Mitto’s problem solving skills are strong, feedback is timely, and we feel valued as customers. A site visit with Mitto’s Account manager showed us that Mitto is a company who takes customer experience very seriously. It also helps that their staff is very pleasant and their services are Chinese user friendly!” – Skylar Jin, Procurement Manager at YoniTech.

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