Database Cleansing

Cleanse Numbers in Your Database

Validate numbers captured online and keep your database clean with correct regional formatting. Database Cleansing enables your team to reject incorrectly formatted numbers and guarantee deliverability. Say goodbye to money wasted on sending messages to invalid numbers and say hello to better customer engagement and cost savings.


Phone Type

Verify deliverability by phone line type

Identify the specific type of device connected to customer phone numbers – mobile, landline, or VOIP. Phone Type ensures you aren’t wasting resources sending text messages to phone numbers unable to receive SMS. Phone Type also provides an additional line of security defense by recognizing risky users and the quality of a number.


Gives true operator information

Improves routing, reduces fraud, and flags recent porting events to detect fraud since some ported numbers can represent a higher risk. Roaming status can spot if a number is currently located in a different location than expected.

Phone Data

Validity of Phone Numbers (aka Phone Data)

Reduce number of undelivered messages, failed calls, and costs. Before you hit send, Mitto cross checks numbers against the databases of more than 500 global operators to confirm a phone number is valid, active, and reachable.