Smarter SMS strategies

Text messaging is the most effective marketing channel available to brands. Not only does SMS have a 98% open rate compared to 20% for email, but 77% of enterprise-size B2C companies that reported revenue growth in 2020 leveraged SMS as a marketing tool to send promotions or offers despite the complexities of the global pandemic.

People appreciate
these brands text


Promo codes /


Happy Birthday


One time passwords

But these messages are annoying to receive


Feedback or review
solicit request


Re-order prompts


Inspirational stories of
motivational messages

Best practices for creating compelling content

When it comes to effectively engaging audiences, your messaging matters. For instance, 48% of
millennials are most receptive to slang, while only 29% of older consumers ages 55+ are okay with it.

Some items to keep in mind while crafting your content include:

Tone and

Almost half of customers have opted out of a brand’s SMS program because of an irritating tone or language. Before hitting the ‘send’ button on a campaign, ensure the content is appropriate for your intended audience.

your timing

Receiving too many texts is the most common reason customers choose to opt-out. Never bombard consumers with too many texts. And aim to send your texts on weekday afternoons. SMS scheduling can help make the process easier.

right stuff

Keep customers engaged by sending them content that is relevant to what stage they are in on their customer journey. For example, create an SMS loyalty program to retain returning customers or send deep discounts to entice shoppers that recently opted in to browse your products.

Compliance is critical

Worldwide, governments are protecting customers’ privacy with stringent SMS compliance regulations. To avoid serious legal repercussions and hefty fines, it’s essential for brands to abide by these policies.

To remain compliant while keeping consumers engaged, brands should:

Only message customers
who have opted-in

Always provide an opt-out option

Keep a list of customers who
have opted out

Always triple-check your subscriber list
to ensure everyone has opted-in

With the right messages sent at the right
time, brands can engage customers, nourish
relationships, and drive profits while
remaining compliant.

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promos & coupons. renewal notices. one-time passcodes. order confirmations. appointment reminders.


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