Brands that embrace omnichannel strategies can satiate these high demands while ensuring exceptional experiences for all customers. However, less than one-quarter of customer support and marketing teams have implemented a strategy that enables them to keep all touchpoints cohesive and in sync across the customer journey. As a result, they’re missing out big time.

Navigating an ever-evolving communication landscape

The ways customers interact with businesses are shifting

Instead of walking through the doors of a storefront or calling a business on the telephone during regular business hours, consumers expect brands to be available 24/7 across all digital communication channels.

An omnichannel strategy allows brands to provide ongoing support and instantaneous communications around the clock.

Instead of remediating issues over the phone, customer support and marketing teams are now using SMS and Google Business to quickly address concerns and answer questions.

Brands can also use chatbots to promptly answer common, straightforward questions.

For more complicated inquiries, the customer can seamlessly be transitioned from engaging with a bot to a live agent.

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