Recognized as one of Europe’s best low-cost airlines by Skytrax, a leading high-volume airline leveraged Mitto’s best-in-class SMS API solutions and AI-powered platform to maximize mission-critical updates. This boosted customer satisfaction and substantially reduced support costs.

Use Cases

  • Mission-Critical Updates



In order to deliver exceptional customer experiences, an award-winning European airline prioritizes swift, dependable communications and has long leveraged SMS to deliver critical alerts to customers.

However, their current communications infrastructure was insufficient for delivering timely, reliable communications to travelers throughout the countless markets they served. And with two-thirds of travelers expecting prompt resolutions and 50% prioritizing fast communication and short wait times, the airline understands that every second in the travel industry counts.

Due to their year-over-year growth, the commercial airline needed an experienced CPassS provider with a sophisticated routing platform and global mobile carrier network (MNO) to deliver exceptional service to every customer across every market. It was clear to them that they had to switch from their local SMS provider to Mitto.


Mitto transcends international borders and traditional SMS solutions to maximize traveler communications with our world-class routing platform. Our advanced AI-powered technology provides real-time cost and quality analysis per route, enabling prioritization of messaging spend based on the use case. And with strategic partnerships with countless MNOs worldwide, Mitto ensures the quickest, most efficient SMS deliveries possible with optimized channel stability in every region the airline currently serves and will potentially serve in the future.

Key Results

Immediately after implementing Mitto’s SMS API solutions, the airline saw a remarkable uptick in critical alert performance. An area that was once a hefty pain point for them was instantly transformed into a competitive advantage, scaling customer satisfaction rates across the board.

Customers now receive fast and efficient two-way support via SMS, no matter what country they’re in. The airline can now keep travelers in the loop about flight delays, last-minute gate changes, baggage claim issues, and more.

With fewer customers contacting call centers to complain about flight delays or missing baggage and automating SMS responses to resolve simple queries, the airline also reduced support costs and amplified business efficiency.

Seeing the tremendous benefits Mitto’s SMS API offered to customers, the airline also decided to use our solutions for their recruitment efforts to keep candidates updated about their applications.

By delivering mission-critical information to travelers on an effective and engaging channel with unrivaled stability and global reach, all airlines can experience these ROI-driven results.

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