Be Beyond Customer Expectations

At Mitto, we believe in being beyond the ordinary, and Viber Business is the perfect tool to help your business stand out

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

With over 1 billion users worldwide, Viber is a popular messaging app that your customers are likely using every day

Provide Convenient Customer Support

With Viber Business, you can provide timely customer support through messaging, chatbots, and broadcasts

Drive Sales and Conversions

Use Viber Business to send promotional messages, product updates, and transactional messages like order confirmations or delivery updates

Build Brand Loyalty

By engaging with your customers on Viber, you can build a stronger relationship with them and increase brand loyalty

Rich Messaging Experiences for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Includes text, images, buttons, QR codes, and links. With the ability to send all types of messages, including promotional, conversational, and transactional, Viber provides your business with the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with your customers.

  • conversational

  • promotional

  • transactional

Better customer experience equals loyal clients

Convenient for Users and Effective for Brands

Business Inbox provides a single place where users can keep all their brand conversations

  • Your messages are not competing with personal chats

  • Business Inbox folder is pinned by default, so it’s always in view

  • Reduces block rate and increases open rates

  • Your business is easily searchable by users

mobile phones with chat messages

Make Your Business More Discoverable with A Commercial Account

A Commercial Account is a single business entity that represents your brand and allows Viber users to search and discover your company info and communication channels in an easy to find spot

  • Ensure your messages get through

    Guarantee the deliverability of your most important messages by setting up a fallback to SMS.

  • Measure Success

    Analyze your campaigns with dynamic delivery, open and read metrics.

  • Enhance your messages

    Augment your messages with dynamic, rich content, providing a stronger call to action.

  • A trusted Viber business account

    A “blue tick” next to your channel name and a dedicated company profile page.

  • Share Files, photos and videos

    Exchange files and photos for problem solving and support.

  • Auto reply Message

    When unavailable, enable your customers to get the support they need via an alternative channel.

  • Message reply gesture

    Users can reply to specific messages within the business conversation.

  • Pin-to-top

    Customers can pin Business Messages on Viber to the top of their main Chats screen.

The Viber Business Advantage

Verified Business Profile

Build credibility and trust with customers through a verified business profile on Viber

Seamless Integration

Streamline your customer engagement process with Mitto's two-way API integration or no-code UI dashboard, Conversations

SMS Fallback

If Viber delivery fails, Mitto can send the message via SMS, so you never miss a chance to connect with your customers

Custom Auto-Reply

Ensure your customers receive a personalized experience even when you’re not available


Only pay for delivered messages, making Viber a cost-efficient option for businesses of any size

Rich Message Content

Combine text, images, and buttons to send better looking, more engaging messages up to 1,000 characters

VIBER BUSINESS has never been simpler

With our intelligent messaging solutions, your business can equip itself with the tools you need to achieve your goals


Manage messaging across Viber Business, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more all within a single dashboard.

Talk to an Expert

Not sure where to start? Mitto can help you integrate Viber Business into your omnichannel communications strategy.

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Karen Smith
Service Delivery Manager - 15below

“Mitto's account management is outstanding. They are responsive, incredibly helpful, always willing to listen and improve, and also very competitive in their pricing. Mitto is a great supplier that we enjoy working with.”

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promos & coupons. renewal notices. one-time passcodes. order confirmations. appointment reminders.


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