Mitto’s Number Lookup business solution provides key insights into a users’ phone number for the purposes of validation, verification, authentication, and fraud prevention. Our mobile number intelligence allows you to know if a number is valid and trustworthy, from the line type, international number formatting, and carrier checks. All are critical signals that can help you reduce costs, increase conversions, and enhance security.

Budget Saving

Maximize campaign investment with identification of unavailable, landline or incorrectly formatted numbers to prevent payments on undelivered SMS & failed calls

Results Driven

Cleansing databases of unused and inactive mobile numbers ensures accurate campaign reporting with measurement against verified contact lists


Reliable message delivery without delay–even if
a user has changed operators or is traveling out of the country–with number portability lookups and roaming checks

Customer Centric

Increase loyalty and CX by using collected insights to build profiles that enable more personalized communications and tailored content

Deliver actionable insights with
validated and verified numbers

Don’t waste money by sending messages to outdated numbers or incorrectly formatted numbers with errors.
Keep your numbers clean to boost your delivery and conversion rates while saving money.

Find the optimal route for
SMS and Voice messages

Identify the type of number
(Landline, VoIP, or Mobile)

Find the optimal route for
SMS and Voice messages

Identify the type of number (land-line, VoIP, or Mobile)

Check mobile number
portability status

Provide information about
numbers in roaming

Check database for both active
and inactive numbers

phone with checkmarks

Check mobile number
portability status

Provide information about
numbers in roaming

Check database for active / inactive numbers


Database Cleansing

Cleanse Numbers in Your Database

Validate numbers captured online and keep your database clean with correct regional formatting. Database Cleansing enables your team to reject incorrectly formatted numbers and guarantee deliverability. Say goodbye to money wasted on sending messages to invalid numbers and say hello to better customer engagement and cost savings.


Phone Type

Verify deliverability by phone line type

Identify the specific type of device connected to customer phone numbers – mobile, landline, or VOIP. Phone Type ensures you aren’t wasting resources sending text messages to phone numbers unable to receive SMS. Phone Type also provides an additional line of security defense by recognizing risky users and the quality of a number.


Gives true operator information

Improves routing, reduces fraud, and flags recent porting events to detect fraud since some ported numbers can represent a higher risk. Roaming status can spot if a number is currently located in a different location than expected.

Phone Data

Validity of Phone Numbers (aka Phone Data)

Reduce number of undelivered messages, failed calls, and costs. Before you hit send, Mitto cross checks numbers against the databases of more than 500 global operators to confirm a phone number is valid, active, and reachable.


As more users continue to engage in the mobile-first world, Mitto's Lookup signals provide you with the information you need

Clean Database = High Delivery Rate

Detect mobile and landline numbers, format numbers correctly for maximum messaging productivity

Control Your Costs Efficiently

Maximize campaign results and prevent payments on undelivered SMS & failed calls

Verify Contacts and Get More Conversions

Eliminate fake accounts, ensure all leads are contactable - get more messages delivered and better campaign results

Nikola Guberinic
Digital Partner, Roche

“Mitto’s client service is impeccable, and they are open to upgrading their platform based on user feedback. The Conversations platform is so easy to use. It makes our communications very professional for end users!”

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