Most of us have had an idea in our lives that makes us think, “this could be the next big thing!” But, there’s a reason why we aren’t all serial entrepreneurs. Building a brand is hard work! It takes a solid team to see a project through, from ideation to launch. This is where AMS enters the picture. AMS provides its clients with various digital marketing solutions, including web design, mobile and web app development, and digital marketing campaign management across social media and other platforms. Most of their clients are seeking help to create and maximize awareness for their brands.




The team at AMS found themselves with an outreach problem. They needed to connect with clients and contacts quickly and more reliably. As a company that prides itself on being customer-focused, AMS sought a way to actively engage with customers, source feedback on campaigns, and track conversions. SMS, with the highest open rates across digital marketing platforms, was the perfect solution. 

AMS also needed a solution that was capable of sending messages on their client’s behalf. Their client base needed to run their own marketing campaigns and AMS wanted a provider that could handle both their own marketing traffic, along with the traffic of their clients. 

AMS had previously used SMS messaging, but their provider could not keep up with the demands of AMS and their customers. In addition to deliverability issues, AMS had to manually add their contacts as control numbers to track whether clients were receiving texts or not. SMS reports could be pending for days, making it very difficult for AMS to provide feedback to clients. This lack of consistent communication negatively impacted relationships with customers and torpedoed employee morale. The need for reliable SMS led AMS to form a partnership with Mitto. 




After switching to Mitto, the AMS team’s experience with the SMS channel improved drastically, and all of the problems above became issues of the past. While their old messaging platform was unreliable and would often crash, Mitto’s innovative and robust platform has allowed AMS to increase its messaging capacity and reliability drastically. Shortly after onboarding Mitto’s platform, AMS sent 11,000 texts in under one minute! AMS even deployed the Mitto SMS API during the lockdown phase of the global pandemic, but they felt more connected to their customers than ever.

Since partnering with Mitto, AMS has seen a 15% decrease in customer churn, something they ascribe to their increased messaging efforts. After all, an informed customer is a happy one. AMS is now looking to expand its partnership with Mitto by adding number cleansing and shortcodes to further evolve its customer engagement strategy.

Mitto’s industry-leading, world-class platform has injected a much-appreciated shot of adrenaline into the AMS customer experience. Now the team at AMS can focus on serving their clients’ needs knowing that a trusted communication partner is standing in their corner.


Key Results


●      15% decrease in customer churn

●      A dramatic increase in messaging capacity – over 11,000 SMS sent in under a minute

●      Significantly more reliable messaging services than the previous provider

“The only thing we regret about switching to Mitto is not switching early enough. It would have saved us from a lot of churning clients,” mentioned Michael Offei, the “Chief Doer” at AMS.