Gambling has been a part of human culture for millennia. And just like every industry that has met the tech age head-on, betting and gaming are no different. Digital gambling is on the rise, with the sector expecting an 11.5% compound annual growth rate from 2020 to 2027. The trends don’t lie; consumers love it. Whether it’s placing a few bucks on the outcome of an awards show or betting on your favorite sports team, it’s fun to have some skin in the game. 

Betmaster, a digital betting company founded in 2014, serves the digital gambling needs of users in Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America. Their mission is to provide a fun and safe avenue for bettors of all skill levels to quickly sign up and get in on the action. Their platform is straightforward – a quick registration using a phone number, and then you’re placing a bet in two clicks.




While Betmaster aims to be as frictionless as possible, they know security is a top priority for their users. After all, we are talking about real money. Upon weighing their onboarding options, Betmaster chose to implement an SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) solution to secure their accounts. An excellent choice, as SMS-based 2FA has become the gold standard for account security and verification. Betmaster needed a partner that could guarantee quick and reliable message deliverability worldwide for a fair price, which led them to Mitto.




SMS delivery is a nearly universal tool that has become crucial to business growth strategies across all industries. SMS delivery becomes even more paramount when it is the primary avenue for a company to onboard new users. When a registrant creates an account on Betmaster, they provide a phone number that is then sent a one-time passcode (OTP) to confirm that the user is in possession of the phone number. This process is known as two-factor authentication. 

Betmaster needed a messaging partner that could provide cost-effective and reliable SMS service to anywhere in the world. Additionally, they needed a provider with experience in delivering OTP to complete user registrations. Betmaster had previously combined several SMS gateways to reach their customers in different markets. Dealing with several local vendors can prove tiresome to an international company. Mitto replaced Betmaster’s existing vendors with a single API that leverages a world-class routing system. This system delivers messages anywhere in the world and is capable of leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to prioritize traffic. This prioritization results in Mitto providing Betmaster with more competitive rates. 


Our overall experience with Mitto has been productive and proactive. We have very efficient communication; they are quick to reply and attentive to what we need. The greatest benefits to working with Mitto are competitive pricing, good delivery rates, and swift replies to our queries”.

Anatoly Zhupanov, Chief Information Officer


An example of this intelligent routing is determining the priority of an OTP versus a marketing message. The OTP, being time-sensitive, will be delivered in the quickest manner possible, at a potential cost premium. Whereas a marketing message, being less time-sensitive, can be relayed over a somewhat slower route at a discounted rate. Mitto’s routing platform leverages its network of local operators and carriers to manage this traffic seamlessly and without friction.


Key Results


Betmaster experienced both increased sign-up conversions and message deliverability. And with Betmaster now relying on a single SMS provider, support times and overall costs become more efficient.

By switching to Mitto, Betmaster can focus on what matters most; safely and securely onboarding new users wherever they may be. In a few quick clicks, Betmaster’s customers can create and secure their account, then immediately begin gaming. Betmaster can say goodbye to potentially losing customers to friction and churn. By partnering with Mitto, their platform is frictionless and secure.