Headquartered in Slovakia, Fourmis is a human resources and recruitment agency serving multiple sectors, including the food, automotive, and electrical engineering industries. The company is dedicated to improving the labor market through corporate social responsibility (CSR), hyper-personalized placement services, and transparent communications. Fourmis creates job security for all applicants while tailoring their solutions according to the unique requirements of clients and candidates.

Use Cases

  • Customer Notifications



As a socially responsible company that is committed to improving the staffing industry and promoting the well-being of Slovakian society and communities, Fourmis prioritizes clear, honest communications with clients and candidates. As such, the human resources firm needed an efficient way to update job seekers about employment opportunities and events, application statuses, and more. The agency decided to use SMS reminders to inform applicants en masse.

However, SMS campaigns are only as effective as the available routes. Fourmis needed a reliable and proactive mobile communications partner to ensure every applicant received updates across multiple locations cost-effectively. They found those qualities and capabilities and more in Mitto.


Fourmis turned to Mitto to build, manage, and monitor their SMS notification and reminder campaigns. Mitto provided Fourmis with a dedicated account manager and together they developed an effective strategy to best use SMS to engage with their customers. Thanks to our globally dispersed team of mobile technology experts, Fourmis received 24/7 support.

Mitto’s excellent record as a global CPaaS provider along with our state-of-the-art AI powered routing platform ensures Fourmis experiences quality while achieving the best return on their investment.

Key Results

Fourmis used Mitto to create and manage their notification and reminders cost-effectively. This allowed them to communicate with applicants at scale and helped increase event attendance rates to 95%.

“We are very impressed with Mitto’s active communication with clients and extensive product menu. They are a reliable and financially available partner,” said Mr. Ruiszl, Financial and Economic Manager at Fourmis.

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