Initially launched in 2014 as “PPost,” GoPeople is a leading on-demand and same-day delivery services and technology company headquartered in Chippendale, Australia. The company aims to empower Australian SMBs and drivers with advanced technologies via a crowd-sourcing model to enhance the customer experience and make deliveries faster and more efficient. GoPeople’s team built the product from the ground up, and their delivery platform is now available on apps and web interfaces. 

Use Cases

  • Notifications
  • Marketing Campaigns



GoPeople is on a mission to revolutionize how deliveries are made. To achieve this, the company leveraged multi-channel customer service and marketing strategies, including email, phone, and instant messaging. Unfortunately, low email open rates impacted their engagement efforts.

Thanks to its 98% open rates compared to email’s 22.7%, GoPeople partnered with an SMS provider to better engage and support customers. However, the supplier’s membership fees included unpredictable, added costs, impacting their bottom line. To reduce costs while delivering superior customer experiences, GoPeople knew they had to find a communications partner offering the fastest SMS delivery speeds at the best price possible.


GoPeople partnered with Mitto because of our best-in-class proprietary AI-routing platform and strategic global carrier network.

Our advanced technology constantly monitors our networks, conducts simulations, and analyzes and prioritizes traffic to ensure cost-effective, optimal SMS OTP delivery. Additionally, our automated delivery reports mitigate bot attacks and fraud, keeping both GoPeople and their customers safe.

Mitto paired GoPeople with a dedicated customer success manager who worked in the same time zone and spoke the same language. This ensured that all issues were resolved as quickly as possible. 

Key Results 

GoPeople enjoyed immediate cost savings after partnering with Mitto. The company also provided users with concise and intuitive logistics updates, boosting customer satisfaction.

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