Guangdong Zhonghe Lianyun Technology Co., Ltd. provides powerful, affordable bulk SMS services to clients internationally. As a company whose ethos is deeply rooted in customer satisfaction, Guangdong Zhonghe Lianyun Technology strives to deliver world-class solutions and support to every business and individual they serve.

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Since they have an international customer base, Guangdong Zhonghe Lianyun Technology struggled with channel backfill instability. This caused insufficient traffic flow and delivery delays, frustrating customers.

While Guangdong Zhonghe Lianyun Technology’s previous SMS communications provider was able to test the company’s networks, they had no other choice but to adjust the channels, significantly increasing costs.

As a leading SMS service provider supplying services to companies such as Huawei, Guangdong Zhonghe Lianyun Technology understands the importance of reliable, cost-effective text messaging solutions. The company needed to find a partner with international channel resources and unsurpassed stability to ensure all SMS communications were delivered as swiftly and efficiently as possible to customers worldwide. That’s why Guangdong Zhonghe Lianyun Technology turned to Mitto.


As one of the dominant omnichannel communication providers, Mitto has established strategic relationships with mobile carrier networks across the globe. As such, we have secured widespread direct connectivity for customers seeking fast, dependable SMS services.

With over a decade of industry expertise, an advanced AI-powered routing platform, and tactical partnerships with countless operators worldwide, Mitto delivered optimized SMS communications solutions to both Guangdong Zhonghe Lianyun Technology and their customers. This ensured the fastest, most efficient deliveries possible and maximized channel stability at the best price.

Key Results

Since partnering with Mitto, Guangdong Zhonghe Lianyun Technology has boosted customer satisfaction and relations, as well as optimized delivery efficiency.

“Mitto has a set of channel switching functions, which can automatically change channel delivery when the conversion rate does not reach our standards or the channel has quality problems. This function is essential to ensure a stable backfill rate,” says Oscar Ou, BD of ZHLY.

“We chose to work with Mitto due to their variety of channel offerings, direct connectivity, voice capabilities, and other chat apps, ensuring high traffic flow and timely delivery, which ultimately reduces our overall operating costs.”

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