Headquartered in Hong Kong, HEYSPEED Technology Co., Limited is a technology company that provides an international cloud communications platform and localized conversational business solutions, including SMS, voice, and instant messaging API, for enterprises expanding their footprint overseas. Operating in wholesale markets worldwide, HEYSPEED specializes in direct SIM and HR routing across Southeastern Asia and the Middle East. With 99.97 platform stability and direct connections to local operators, HEYSPEED’s clients enjoy fast, dependable services.

Use Cases


  • SMS Routing





HEYSPEED’s mission is to “connect the world with speed beyond imagination.” To achieve these objectives, HEYSPEED leverages international servers, real-time routing feedback from their network of operators, and a team of specialists that continuously improve all communication channels.

Unfortunately, HEYSPEED’s capabilities were hindered by poor routing quality in Latin America. To continue delivering the same efficient, high-speed communications services their customers expect, HEYSPEED needed additional support.



HEYSPEED found their ideal communications partner in Mitto thanks to our strategic relationships with mobile carrier networks worldwide, including throughout Latin America. We proactively monitor these networks to optimize delivery and mitigate problems before they happen. Additionally, we run simulations on our networks to find the best SMS paths possible, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery.

We take pride in partnering with brands that share our values and customer commitment, like HEYSPEED. Our seamless collaboration with them significantly improved the quality of their Latin American delivery routes.

Key Results


By tapping into our unrivaled routing network, HEYSPEED was able to improve SMS delivery for their clients in Latin America. This boosted customer satisfaction tremendously, enabling HEYSPEED to maintain their legacy of superior international conversational solutions.

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