Founded in 1988 by Qiu Bojun, Kingsoft Corporation is an international software development company offering office and internet security software. Kingsoft operates four subsidiaries: WPS Office software, Seasun video game development services, Cheeta Mobile apps, and Kingsoft Cloud storage platforms.

The company is headquartered in Beijing, China and manages data centers throughout China, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Russia, and North America. Kingsoft has a market cap of $5.41B.

Use Cases



As a software development leader, Kingsoft enhances how people work and play through advanced innovations. As such, the enterprise understands the importance of quality, speed, dependability, and robust security in technology.

Kingsoft uses SMS one-time passwords (OTP) to protect customers’ sensitive information. The randomly generated SMS codes provide a second layer of defense against data breaches and identity theft.

Since SMS OTP is time-sensitive, Kingsoft needed a communications provider that ensured texts were sent quickly and efficiently globally.

Kingsoft had previously used Mitto for internal SMS verifications. They saw the immediate benefits of leveraging our advanced solutions externally to boost customer satisfaction and security.


To safeguard their reputation and all customers worldwide, Kingsoft turned to Mitto and our best-in-class SMS OTP solutions.

Our multi-layered security approach uses two-factor authentication and one-time passcodes to easily and reliably verify customers’ identities to keep private data and business platforms secure, reducing fraudulent activity by up to 100%.

Mitto’s intelligent AI-powered routing platform and direct connections to mobile carriers worldwide ensured Kingsoft’s customers received prompt texts in every market they serve.

Key Results

Kingsoft’s partnership with Mitto significantly improved customers’ security and satisfaction.

Mitto matched the software giant with a dedicated account manager who provided personal support and guidance. Kingsoft also received 24/7 assistance from our globally dispersed team of industry experts.

“We here at Kingsoft are big fans of Mitto’s communications prowess, top-shelf services, and stellar support. What began as a partnership has transformed into a long-term business relationship built on trust and value.” – Dong Wenxiao, Head of Purchasing Development.

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