Talana, a leading HCM platform, prioritizes seamless communication to ensure efficient interactions with clients and partners. Recognizing the importance of SMS messaging as a complementary channel to their main platform, Talana sought a reliable solution to address their communication challenges. This case study explores how partnering with Mitto revolutionized Talana’s communication strategy, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Use Cases


  • Mission Critical Alerts
  • Notifications





Talana’s previous SMS messaging system, managed by an external provider, posed several challenges. High operational costs and poor information quality hindered effective communication and resource optimization. To enhance communication efficiency and reduce costs, Talana sought a more reliable and economically viable solution.



Talana onboarded Mitto’s SMS solution to address their communication challenges effectively. Mitto’s solution offered instant monitoring of delivery, costs, and seamless integration across different countries. This was crucial for Talana, given their large client base and the need for efficient communication. Moreover, Mitto’s comprehensive documentation, regional coverage, and dedicated support further differentiated our solution from others in the market.

Key Results


Implementing Mitto’s SMS solution yielded significant improvements for Talana. Their new delivery rate consistently exceeded 90%, with an average delivery time of just 2 seconds. This ensured timely and efficient communication with clients and partners, enhancing overall customer satisfaction. 

Talana praised Mitto’s exceptional support and commercial management. Mitto’s team is always available to address queries, provide operational insights, and resolve issues promptly. This proactive approach was instrumental in maintaining seamless communication and fostering trust between our two companies. Furthermore, Talana appreciated Mitto’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that met their specific needs, ultimately contributing to their success.

“Since we started working with Mitto, we have experienced a significant improvement in the efficiency of our SMS sending. Thanks to their advanced technology and dedicated support, we have been able to decrease our SMS sending time in the last quarter, allowing us to communicate with our customers faster and more effectively. We are really impressed with the results.” – Cesar Inzunza, VP of Engineering at Talana



Partnering with Mitto transformed Talana’s communication strategy, enabling them to overcome previous challenges and achieve significant improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction. Mitto’s reliable SMS solution, coupled with exceptional support and a tailored approach, has cemented a trusted partnernership for Talana. Moving forward, Talana remains committed to leveraging Mitto’s solutions to further enhance their communication capabilities and drive business success.


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