After partnering with Mitto, a leading parcel delivery provider (serving a majority of consumers in Thailand) optimized security with OTP while reducing SMS delivery costs by 40%.

Use Cases



Handling millions of shipments each month, the delivery brand knows all too well about the importance of swift, secure deliveries. To continuously provide customers exceptional services and support, the company uses SMS one-time passcodes (OTP) to protect their personal and financial information. OTP authenticates and verifies users, preventing identity theft and account breaches.

An SMS OTP typically expires within 10 minutes, making messages incredibly time-sensitive. As such, the package delivery company needed visibility into deliverability rates to ensure customers received texts in a timely manner. Unfortunately, their previous communications provider didn’t offer such transparency. The provider’s high costs also put financial strains on the brand.

To ensure dependable and cost-effective SMS deliveries, the business needed a better option.


The package delivery brand turned to Mitto for our efficient, affordable, transparent SMS API solutions. Thanks to our strategic relationships with mobile carriers worldwide, and proprietary AI routing platform that analyzes and prioritizes traffic for the fastest delivery speeds possible, the company maximized SMS deliveries while reducing costs by 40%.

Mitto’s multi-layered security software leverages one-time passcodes and two-factor authentication (2FA) to reduce fraudulent activity by up to 100%, keeping the company’s customers and reputation safe.

The shipping brand was matched with a dedicated account manager who provided expert guidance from onboarding to implementation. The business also received 24/7 assistance from Mitto’s team of globally dispersed multilingual customer support reps.

Key Results

After switching to Mitto, the parcel delivery company reduced its SMS service costs by 40% without sacrificing quality. They also gained clearer visibility into SMS deliverability, automated OTP implementations to boost business efficiency, and kept customers’ sensitive data secure.

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