Imagine receiving personalized product recommendations or exclusive discounts on your birthday from your favorite retailer. It would make you feel special, right? It may also prompt you to buy more from that brand.

Therein lies the power of personalized marketing. Almost two-thirds of American consumers value experiences over a business’s products or services. Individualized experiences also deepen trust, improve customer retention, and entice 90% of shoppers to spend more money.

The bottom line is that personalization is paramount. But it doesn’t have to be daunting! With marketing automation and SMS campaigns, brands can send highly personalized content that customers will love.

Personalization and automation go hand-in-hand


Marketing automation refers to software platforms that handle repetitive tasks without human intervention, such as sending emails and scheduling social media posts.

Automation platforms like Salesmanago can also streamline data analytics processes by capturing and analyzing huge amounts of customer data in seconds. Marketers can then use these insights to craft personalized content that resonates deeply with audiences.

SMS is a dominant player in personalized marketing


Amid the rise of new automation technology, one thing remains clear: SMS is still a marketing campaign powerhouse. With an impressive 98% open rate compared to email’s 22.7% and 60% of customers reading texts within one to five minutes of receipt, SMS can confidently pick up the slack of other marketing channels, ensuring your marketing efforts are effective and impactful.

Additionally, customers across different demographics prefer SMS over other forms of communication:

SMS is an effective and affordable way to engage more customers worldwide.

Mitto and Salesmanago: a dynamic duo


Salesmanago users already know about the platform’s advanced automation features. However, they can boost their marketing results even further with Mitto’s Salesmanago integration capabilities.

Mitto’s SMS API can be seamlessly integrated with the Salesmanago CDP platform. This allows users to tap into Mitto’s proprietary AI-powered routing platform and exclusive global mobile carrier network, ensuring every text gets delivered to every customer every time.

Users can leverage Salesmanago’s existing customer data to segment audiences and create rich, valuable, and hyper-personalized SMS messages. Mitto’s automation features enable Salesmanago users to streamline messages and marketing workflows, create reusable SMS templates, and trigger customized messages based on a customer’s behavior. This ensures customers always receive prompt, relevant communications while you save time and resources.

Mitto also allows users to monitor SMS campaign results from an intuitive dashboard, including messages sent, open rates, and delivery issues.

SMS use cases for every stage of the customer journey


Salesmanago users can engage customers with personalized content during each phase of their journey, including:


  • Product information
  • SMS marketing campaigns



With Mitto’s Salesmanago integrations, users can attract, obtain, and retain customers at scale.

Master the art of personalization with Mitto and Salesmanago


By incorporating SMS with other channels, Salesmanago users can delight customers with personalized, two-way conversations that make them feel like VIPs.

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