SALESmanago is a Customer Engagement Platform designed for impact-hungry eCommerce marketing teams that aspire to be lean yet pragmatic and decisive. It operates as the trusted revenue partner for their CEO. SALESmanago's Customer Data Platform comes with natively built Omnichannel Execution. With the Mitto SMS integration, they can easily send messages directly from the platform.


An SMS gateway allows you to send quick and cost-effective single or bulk SMS.

By integrating the SMS gateway with the CDP platform, you can complement your omnichannel communication with this highly efficient medium. Data from the platform enables exact message targeting to the appropriate segments of your database.

SMS can be used in various processes, such as Workflow scenarios. In their basic version, they are simple text messages, but they can be enriched with links to special offers or used to send discount codes.

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Elevate your marketing strategies with Mitto’s SALESmanago SMS solution