Is your brand already on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and WhatsApp? If so, bravo! But are you on Viber? If not, you’re missing out on a ton of opportunities to engage customers all across the globe.

The cross-platform messaging app allows users to make calls and send texts. In addition, the app offers end-to-end encryption and lets folks talk with up to 250 other people in a group chat. Available in over 190 countries and 40+ languages, Viber is the leading messaging app in the CIS region, with a smartphone penetration of 76%.

Still on the fence about adding this platform to your arsenal of marketing tools? Here are 12 mind-boggling Viber statistics that brands cannot ignore.


1. There are currently over one-billion Viber users worldwide (source)


Nowadays, almost 1.17 billion people are using the app worldwide. So if your brand wants to expand its global footprint, especially in the CIS region, Southeast Asia, or Central and Eastern Europe, Viber can help you do just that.


2. Viber has over 820 million active monthly users (source)


Users love the app so much that 820+ million use it monthly. And over 260 million users are active on the app every day. With so much activity, brands can easily engage and attract new customers down the street or on the other side of the world.


3. There are 70 million interactions on the platform every single hour (source)


Users send messages, make calls, and engage in over 70 million other exchanges every hour. The average user sends more than 30 messages per day. 


4. Users spend 35 minutes on the app daily (source)


The average user spends over a half-an-hour each day on the app. As such, brands can rest assured that their messages will be immediately read.


5. Safe, secure messaging (source)


Viber’s default end-to-end encryption keeps your customers safe while boosting their faith in your brand. That’s because end-to-end encryption ensures that only the sender and the recipient can see the content in their messages. Best of all, connections to their servers are always secure and HTTPS only.


6. The delivery rate for Viber messages is a jaw-dropping 97% (source)


When brands send their customers content, they want to ensure it’s getting delivered. Thankfully, Viber boasts a whopping 97% message delivery rate. Furthermore, the app virtually guarantees your messages will be seen, with a reported 89% read rate.


7. Brands can send multiple types of messages (source)


Viber allows brands to send consumers transactional, conversational, and promotional messages, making it easy to boost engagement with your audience.



8. More brand-to-consumer connections (source)


Businesses can personalize their communications with consumers through one-to-one marketing. Personalized messaging can boost brand loyalty and guarantees a better customer experience.


9. Viber messages have a 1,000-character count limit (source)


One of the best things about using Viber Business is that brands can send up to 1,000 characters simultaneously, in addition to images and videos. With so much flexibility, brands can tailor content to a specific shopper’s wants and needs.


10.  One in four users tap the buy button on product ads they view (source)


About 25% of Viber users will tap the buy button on product ads they see. By streamlining the purchase process, brands can easily interact with customers who are already interested in what they offer.


11.  90% of Viber messages are opened within three minutes (source)


Viber users open their messages, and they read them fast. These sky-high open rates ensure more potential customers see your brand’s messages.


12.  Viber recently launched a new digital wallet (source)


Viber recently launched Payments, a new digital wallet that allows users to buy products through the app. This added convenience will encourage more customers to buy your products on the app. 


Harness the power of Viber today


If you want to increase brand loyalty, expand your global footprint, and ensure your messages are being seen, your brand must be on Viber. 

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