The way customers engage with brands is changing. Around 75% of consumers now want to interact with businesses over private channels rather than traditional ones. By talking to shoppers via Google Business Messages, you can delight consumers with customized conversations on their preferred platform, significantly enhancing their experience.


But how can your brand leverage the power of Google Business Messages and turn conversations into conversions? It all starts with the right strategy.


Why should you use Google Business Messages for customer engagement?


Google Business Messages is a mobile conversational platform that enables users to chat with brands across numerous Google entry points, including Maps and Search. With Google Business Messages, you can start engaging customers early in their journey.


This innovative conversational channel allows brands to successfully engage customers by:


Providing swift, personalized, contextual replies: Long wait times frustrate customers. Google Business Messages allows your team to provide personalized communications, speedy services, and reduced hold times. For example, satellite provider DISH experienced a 22% reduction in average handle time after implementing Google Business Messages.


Delighting them with rich communications: Google Business Messages’ cutting-edge capabilities allow you to deliver rich messages to your customers, including images, emojis, photo carousels, and automated welcome messages.


Safeguarding sensitive data: All brand-customer engagements via Google Business Messages are encrypted between Google servers and a user’s device. This encryption also applies between Business Messaging agents and the search engine’s servers. This secure back-end means that customers can rest easy when sharing personal data in a chat.


4 best practices for engaging with customers via Google Business Messages


Now that you know why you should use Google Business Messages, let’s explore how you should use it. Here are the four best practices for Google Business Messages.


1. Reply in a timely manner


As we stated before, one of the perks of using Google Business Messages is the ability to respond instantaneously. But that doesn’t mean brands always will.


While chatbots can tackle simple inquiries, more complex questions will be routed to live agents. Your customer support team should respond to customers within 24 hours. Readiness drives trust and engagement.


Timeliness is essential if a shipment is delayed. Roughly 93% of Americans are more likely to have patience with shipment delays when committed by a brand they already associate with stellar customer service. When a customer has questions about their package, timely responses matter.


2. Tailor your conversations


Google Business Messages’ advanced features allow you to zhuzh up your conversations with emojis and images. But you also need to make them personal. Use the carousel feature to showcase products – or services – your customers are already interested in. You can also send product recommendations based on the customer’s purchasing history. 


3. Include your relevant profile information


Including basic info might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised! In addition to enabling Business Messages, it’s imperative to build out your Google Business Profile. When you set up your profile, be sure to include:


  • Business name


  • Physical address


  • Phone number


  • Hours of operation


  • Business website URL


  • Any social media handles


4. Make Google Business Messages part of a larger omnichannel strategy


To get the most out of Google Business Messages, it’s best to incorporate the channel into a larger communications strategy. Business Messages perfectly complements your other omnichannel efforts, including WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Viber Business. By using a comprehensive omnichannel strategy, you can expand your reach and your customer base.


Mitto makes it easy to use Google Business Messages


If you want to start using Google Business Messages to interact with your customers, Mitto can help. We’ll provide solutions and support to help you boost customer engagement and achieve your growth goals.


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