4 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Strategies with Omnichannel Messaging

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you may have already experienced omnichannel marketing.   Let’s say you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and an ad pops up for […]

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you may have already experienced omnichannel marketing.   Let’s say you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and an ad pops up for a jacket that catches your eye. You click on the image for more product details, but quickly get distracted and leave the site.   Later that evening, you’re scrolling through Facebook, and a picture of that same jacket appears. The image, copy, and tone are the same on both platforms.   When brands take an omnichannel approach to their marketing tactics, it provides the consumer with a consistent experience across all channels.   Now, let’s take that one step further and throw omnichannel messaging into the mix. Whether it’s through SMS or chatbots, companies can enhance the customer experience by delivering consistent messages across numerous platforms. This continuous conversation builds trust, credibility, and can even persuade a shopper to make a purchase.  

Omnichannel communication is a key component of successful marketing campaigns

  Omnichannel messaging enables marketers to develop, streamline, and deploy a unified customer experience across all channels. Using consistent branding and tone, a brand can carry on the same conversation with a customer in a natural way across their website, social platforms, and even SMS. The brand’s personality and the conversation never falter.   This consistent customer experience will:  

  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention


  • Garner trust


  • Improve turnover rates


  • Provide better customer support


  • Land you more sales

  The proof is in the pudding. Over 80% of brands that have enhanced their customer experience reported an increase in profits. And almost two-thirds of customers reported that a good experience is critical in influencing their brand loyalties.   So, how can you leverage the power of omnichannel messaging in your marketing strategies? Here’s everything you need to know.  

4 ways to implement omnichannel in your marketing efforts

  Whenever you implement omnichannel in your marketing strategies, you need to take a customer-driven approach. Always consider the consumer’s viewpoint and deeply understand their pain points, motivations, and intentions. By developing your campaign around the customer, you’ll create a personalized experience that caters to their unique needs.   Here are four ways to use omnichannel communications in your marketing strategies.  

1. Highlight special offers

  We all love a great deal. Whether you’re trying to entice new shoppers to make a purchase or show your appreciation for returning customers, notifying them about a special offer or deep discount will immediately grab their attention.   But don’t just send them coupon after coupon for items they don’t need or want. Based on their previous buying and viewing history, learn what an individual customer is interested in.  Tailor your messaging to include discounts for the products they’re most likely to buy. This engineers serendipity and delights shoppers. They’ll think, “Wow! I was just looking at those shoes and now they’re half off. I’m going to buy them!”  

2. Cart abandonment reminders

  Nearly 75% of consumers leave items in their carts without completing a purchase. This costs retailers $18 billion in sales revenue every year. You can minimize cart abandonment by gently reminding shoppers that they still have items left in their carts.   Send an SMS alert to opted-in customers or send them a message on a social media channel. Say something like, “Hey John, aren’t you missing something?”   You could also send an image of the item they left in their cart with a line that reads, “Don’t forget about me.”   By keeping it casual, a customer won’t feel like they’re being forced to take action. A gentle nudge is all it takes.    

3. New product announcements

  Notify customers that you’ve just dropped a new product via SMS or social media messaging. Again, don’t do this for items they wouldn’t be interested in. Based on their previous purchasing history, only notify them about new inventory that they’d be interested in.   To tempt them to make a purchase, offer a limited discount on the new product.  

4. Loyalty programs

  Loyal customers are the lifeblood of your brand. To sustain longevity, show your appreciation for these returning shoppers with a loyalty program. Send high-value customers vouchers with credits via SMS.   With high open rates, SMS ensures more customers will take action and enjoy their rewards.  

Start using omnichannel in your marketing campaigns today

  If you want to provide customers with a cohesive experience, implement omnichannel messaging in your marketing strategies now. Mitto can integrate with numerous CRMs, such as Salesforce and Hubspot, making it effortless to start engaging shoppers right away.   To learn how we can help you, contact us today.