Way back in 2009, two ex-Yahoo! executives created WhatsApp, now the world’s most widely-used instant messaging platform. But WhatsApp has recently grown to involve much more than one-to-one chats between friends and family. Now, brands can use WhatsApp Business to engage consumers in non-transactional conversations.


In addition to end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is constantly adding new innovative features that all companies should be taking advantage of.


Here are six WhatsApp features that your brand will benefit from in 2022.


1. Communities


Currently, WhatsApp users can share messages, videos, images, and more with a small group of people. This year, the instant messaging app is slated to introduce a community feature that enables users to create separate groups and bring them all together under one umbrella. With this new feature, people can receive updates sent to their entire community while easily participating in small discussion groups that are relevant to them. Admins will be able to send announcements to individual groups or the entire community.


Businesses can use this new feature to create and nourish a robust community that is centered around their brand. They can divvy up their community into specific groups and send relevant information to specific shoppers. For instance, if an eCommerce brand sells apparel and home décor, they can create a separate group for each under their brand community. This allows consumers to receive messages that matter most to them.


2. Enhanced messaging capabilities


This past May, WhatsApp updated its interface with six emoji reactions. This allows users to further engage with a specific message that resonates with them. Through this new update, WhatsApp users can also share files up to 2GB. Previously, the file limit was set at 100MB. Furthermore, the platform will also allow businesses to add up to 512 people to a group.


These new messaging capabilities allow brands to deepen their engagement efforts. They can share larger files with each other and their customers and also encourage users to react to specific messages. 


For instance, your brand can prompt consumers within your group to interact with a message using one of the six new emojis. If your company is sending an update about a new product launch, promote a giveaway to a number of random users who interact with that particular message.


3. Small business support


It’s no secret that brands can benefit immensely from using WhatsApp Business. But now small businesses can get in on the action. WhatsApp recently announced that it was developing advanced features to help brands boost their online presence. This includes making it effortless to manage chats on up to 10 different devices.


Furthermore, small businesses can attract more consumers online with new customizable click-to-chat WhatsApp links. It’s important to note that these features are included as a chargeable, premium service.


WhatsApp Business is now offering a complimentary secure cloud-hosting service for all businesses, regardless of their size. With this new API, smaller brands can quickly access the platform, instantly respond to customers, and customize their experiences.


4. Ignoring the haters


Any brand—or person—that has a digital presence is going to receive some negative attention. A new WhatsApp feature for 2022 allows admins to delete certain messages in a group chat. This enables brands to quickly remove problematic messages to create a positive and enjoyable environment for all users. 


5. Polls


To continue offering stellar services to customers, it’s essential for brands to know what is and what is not working. WhatsApp’s new polling feature will give brands the ability to create polls and add up to 12 options to them. Businesses can create polls about a customer’s experience and use their feedback to identify opportunities for improvement.


While WhatsApp is currently testing the group poll feature, it has yet to become a stable part of the platform.


6. Instagram reels


To amplify their digital footprint, it’s crucial for brands to take an omnichannel approach and engage consumers across all channels. WhatsApp’s new feature will allow businesses to do just that by adding their Instagram Reels to the messaging app. Brands can use this feature to showcase new products or testimonials from satisfied customers. By integrating the two channels, businesses can also enhance the customer experience.


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