Did you know humans send 23 billion texts per day worldwide?  Texting doesn’t require an internet connection or an app. With 90% of the world’s population having access to an SMS-capable phone, it has become the go-to communication channel for most adults. People aren’t just texting each other. They’re also messaging businesses via SMS.  Almost two-thirds of consumers believe that text messages are an effective way to communicate with brands. And 53% of customers would feel more favorable toward a business that speaks with mobile messaging.  SMS is a valuable tool for retailers looking to grow a customer base and spur sales. However, only 13% of small- and medium-sized businesses leverage this powerful customer engagement channel.    Fortunately, it’s never too late to catch up.  Do you want to engage more customers and boost profits? Then, retail SMS will tee you up. Creating SMS templates will help you score more hole-in-ones.  

What is retail SMS?

  Before developing SMS marketing strategies and drafting templates, you should know what retail SMS is. But, more importantly, you need to know how to use it effectively. Retail SMS marketing is the process of using SMS messages to attract new customers while engaging existing ones. Retailers can use texts to send promotions and shipment notifications or quickly resolve customer inquiries.  SMS messages boast 98% open rates. This level of engagement means you’ll get more eyeballs on your messages and see sales rates skyrocket.  While text messages are a quick way to communicate with customers, writing them is a different story. As a result, retailers will save time and resources using SMS templates.   

What are SMS templates?

  Retail SMS templates are reusable text messages. Use prewritten templates repeatedly. Since you’ve already written your notes, you can send mass texts quickly. Here are seven must-have SMS templates every retail business owner can use. Of course, feel free to tweak the templates as you see fit.  

1. New customer welcome and opt-in confirmation templates

  You must have a customer’s written consent before you text them. You can obtain their approval by having them text you the appropriate keyword or digitally sign an opt-in webpage. After a customer has consented to receive your texts, send them a friendly welcome and opt-in confirmation message.  Hi [customer’s first name], thanks for joining the [your store’s name] family! To show our appreciation, enjoy 15% off your first purchase with code FIRST15: [website link]. ️ Text STOP at any time to unsubscribe.   

2. Order confirmation template

  An order confirmation text is a handy way of letting customers know their purchase is complete. Always include your store’s name, so customers know who the message is coming from. Hi [customer’s name], thanks for your order! We’ll let you know when it ships. View more info here: [order status website link].   

3. Delivery notification template

  Superior customer service and communication alleviate a customer’s impatience around shipment delays. Let customers know their package is on its way via delivery notification alerts. Hi [customer’s first name], your order is en route. Yay! Keep tabs on your delivery here: [link to shipping information website].   

4. Sales promotion SMS template

  Keep customers engaged by sending them offers, coupons, and discounts via SMS.  Hi [customer’s name], [business name] is having a sale across our entire website. Don’t miss out! Save up to 20% until [date]. So start shopping now: [link to company website].   

5. Abandoned cart reminder template

  People who shop from smartphones have a cart abandonment rate of nearly 86%. Send a follow-up to encourage customers to complete their purchases gently.  Hi [customer’s first name], you’ve forgotten something in your cart! Enjoy 10% off when you finalize your purchase: [link to shopping website].   

6. Loyalty program template

  An SMS loyalty program can increase customer retention rates. It also enhances the customer experience. Show your loyal customers how much you care with the following template.  Hi [customer’s first name], [your business’s name] is so happy to have you as a loyal customer! To show our appreciation, use code LOYAL10 to enjoy 10% off your next purchase: [link to store website].  

7. New inventory in stock SMS template

  Let your subscribers be the first to know about new items in your store. Stock reminders are also a good template for RCS messages. Include images of your new inventory to tempt your customers. Hi [customer’s name], we’re excited to announce that new products just landed in [store’s name]! Be the first to check out our latest inventory: [link to new inventory webpage].  

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