Omnichannel marketing has become more ubiquitous with each passing year. Every brand has hopped on the omnichannel bandwagon, leveraging multiple channels to better engage and support customers while maintaining a robust digital presence. But with so many new omnichannel trends cropping up every day, how can your brand keep up? Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you. As we enter the second quarter of the year, let’s take a look at the seven top omnichannel trends every brand should be taking advantage of right now.  

1. Mobile commerce is on the rise

  Mobile commerce, or mCommerce, is on the rise. That’s because consumers love the ease and accessibility it offers. Brands can benefit big time, too, especially if they’re using SMS strategies. With a higher open rate (98%) than email, SMS ensures your messages are being delivered, opened, and read by customers.  By sending consumers engaging, relevant, and personalized messages about deep discounts, new product releases, and shipment information, brands will dominate the mCommerce arena.  

2. A preference for personalization

  Modern shoppers don’t appreciate or want generic content clogging up their inboxes. Almost 91% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand again if it provides recommendations and offers tailored to them. By using omnichannel strategies, brands can send customers highly-targeted content on their existing channels. By creating a 360-degree customer profile based on data from your CRM, you can develop a keen understanding of an individual customer’s pain points, interests, and activity and customize your conversations appropriately.  

3. Viber is where the party’s at

  Viber is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading instant messaging and voice-based communication platforms. With over 8,500 brands using Viber, it’s no secret that it’s an effective channel for engaging consumers.  Businesses that use Viber can expand their global footprint, build trust, and drive sales. Viber features unlimited messaging options, comprehensive personalization capabilities, and verified business accounts. To get started using Viber, contact Mitto today. Our team will give you the tools and support you need to reach more customers through this platform.  

4. Enhanced automation with chatbots

  Today’s consumers can’t stand to wait. They want immediate resolutions to their questions and concerns. Almost 90% of customers expect swift responses from customer support. Brands that fail to deliver can put off customers and lose profits. But how can your brand stay on top of the countless questions and inquiries? Chatbots and automated replies are low-hanging fruit opportunities to boost customer satisfaction and alleviate the stress of your customer support team.  Chatbots can answer simple, everyday questions right away. The customer can seamlessly be routed to a live agent via the bot for more complicated issues. This ensures there won’t be any disruption to the conversation, keeping the experience as cohesive as possible.  

5. Contactless transactions with omnichannel

  Though the tides of the global pandemic are finally receding, it has reshaped commerce forever. In a pre-COVID world, contactless payments—as opposed to cash, pin, or chip—were nice-to-haves. Now, they’re necessities. Brands can make it effortless for customers to pay for their purchases with in-chat payment options. This allows consumers to purchase with their debit or credit card or digital payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.  

6. Video marketing is paramount

  Video marketing has become the go-to choice for digital marketers looking to spread brand awareness, educate customers, or spotlight new products. Videos take the customer experience to the next level. As such, brands should prioritize videos in their omnichannel communications strategies. Luckily, it’s easy to add videos to your Viber, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp conversations. Not only does video enhance a shopper’s experience, but it can also further personalize communications.   

7. Omnichannel alleviates shipment woes

  Due to supply chain issues, more customers are worried about shipment delays and inventory availability now than ever. However, if a brand provides continuous support during a shipment delay, 91% of customers are willing to be patient and stick around. Brands can send shipment details to customers through SMS, including estimated delivery dates, info about potential delays, and answers to common questions. This gives customers peace of mind when purchases don’t immediately arrive at their doors.   

Leverage these seven omnichannel trends with Mitto

  Set the stage for omnichannel success with Mitto’s solutions. Our products, including Mitto Conversations, make it simple to keep track of all of your customer interactions from one single, intuitive platform. Additionally, Mitto Campaigns allows you to send mass SMS blasts, or if you prefer to use your own tech stack, we can integrate. To learn how Mitto can help you, contact us today.