• Large provider of transportation, delivery and payments
  • Active user base in more than 120+ cities
  • 30+ million registered users
  • Actively expanding to new markets


  • User Verification
  • Customer Notifications
  • Marketing Campaigns


  • 2FA API
  • Voice API



With more than 30 million registered users across 14 markets, this rideshare company required connectivity to a reliable and effcient customer communications platform. Working with multiple SMS providers meant that the company had to make volume commitments and prepay for SMS transactions that often varied in cost due to frequent price changes.This uncertainty was an unnecessary strain on their financial control, which in-turn created reporting challenges. The company wanted asolution that would give them financial control over their SMS spend for authentication of new users and customer engagement.


The rideshare company turned to Mitto for a unification that brought with it significant cost savings. Using Mitto’s SMS API, 2FA API and VoiceAPI, all Two Factor Authentication, UserRegistration, Notification and Marketing messaging began running through a single, technologically advanced platform that leverages AI to proactively analyze quality and cost in realtime for optimal routing of every traffic type. During the onboarding process, the Mitto team worked together with the customer to ensure needed API functionality and customization of a campaign management portal. The full solution delivered provided the budgeting management the company was seeking; complete with wallet capabilities to allocate spend per use case and channel.


Using Mitto services, the rideshare company has been able to continue extensive growth into new markets with confidence in the operational efficiency of customer communication channels. Synergies between this rideshare company and Mitto, which now include service on all available integrations, have lead to:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Significant cost savings www.mitto.ch Bahnhofstrasse 21, 6300 Zug, Switzerland | info@mitto.ch
  • A better messaging experience for all end-users of the service


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