Mitto Partners with Athics to Enhance Conversational AI Capabilities

Athics, a cognitive science company, specialized in Conversational AI and Emotion AI solutions, announced that it has partnered with Mitto, a leading global omnichannel communications provider, to help customers optimize their conversational AI technologies and communications strategies with SMS, Viber, WhatsApp for Business and more. This collaboration allows Mitto’s world-class, proprietary SMS, Viber and WhatsApp solutions to be seamlessly integrated directly into

These omnichannel solutions have been shown to enhance customer experience, strengthen customer relationships, and significantly bolster sales outreach. SMS performance numbers speak to the power of these high engagement channels:

  • 98% open rates, compared to email at just 22.7%
  • Clickthrough rate that is 9.18% higher than all other digital channels
  • 60% of consumers read texts within one to five minutes of receiving them
  • 85% of customers prefer SMS over voice calls or emails

Additionally, Mitto’s messaging platform supports a robust omnichannel strategy, improving CX, boosting retention, and driving substantial revenue growth. Companies with mature omnichannel communications tactics are:

  • 4X more likely to report incredibly loyal customers
  • 3X amore likely to report the customer experience they deliver deserves an ‘A’
  • 3X more likely to report annual revenue growth

The collaboration between Athics and Mitto allows users to access the power of Mitto’s SMS, Viber and WhatsApp capabilities directly through their existing accounts.

“We are thrilled to have Mitto among our traveling companions. This partnership strengthens our position on the international market and allows us to offer even more advanced and reliable solutions for our customers” Paolo Massarani- Managing Director Athics. “Mitto vigilantly monitors their networks, runs simulations, and prioritizes and analyzes traffic to mitigate problems, prevent fraud, and ensure the most dependable and fastest delivery speeds at the best price.”

Athics is working closely with Mitto to ensure each customer’s onboarding is a breeze. Mitto’s globally distributed team of multilingual messaging experts is on deck to provide 24/7 assistance. Their effortless integration lets users get set up in minutes.

Mitto serves the largest brands in the world. Now companies of any size can experience the same top-shelf solutions to maximize their communications strategies.


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Mitto is a leading provider of omnichannel communication solutions worldwide, supporting business growth with advanced customer engagement technology and messaging enablement. Mitto’s platform offers easy-to-integrate APIs for SMS, voice and chat apps, next-generation enterprise messaging and end-to-end phone number management, ensuring that the world’s largest mobile brands and operators are ready for what’s next.




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Athics is the cognitive science company, specialized in Conversational AI and Emotion AI solutions, which operates on the market to “make innovation accessible to everyone, in order to enhance the ability to achieve any goal”. Athics has developed 2 solutions: A conversational AI platform that combines rules, machine learning, and generative AI to enable users of all experience levels to create chatbots quickly and easily.

PortrAIt: the psychometric profiling technology that detects the main personality traits of the interlocutor in real time and allows you to adapt messages and communication style and suggest the “next best action” to take.




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Eleonora Giancarli

Communication Manager @Athics


Daniela Njegovan

Lifecycle Marketing Manager @Mitto