You are a modern B2B Sales or Marketing executive. From laptop, to mobile phone, air pods or headset – you are connected at all times and your office is anywhere. A multi-tasking wizard, you hop from one meeting to the next on a mission to achieve. Deliver on KPIs, hit quarterly numbers, grow the business and beat the competition. You put your target customer first and dedicate yourself to proving you can solve their unique challenge with a differentiated solution.  You send them emails. You set up a cadence of follow ups. You’re targeting ads to reach them, writing eGuides to educate them, and placing regular calls to check-in on their availability to meet. Email, call, LinkedIn request, email again, “like” their social post, call again. Meanwhile, your inbox is full, your voicemail is at capacity, and you have 50+ pending connection requests. In many ways, the persona you’re targeting is a whole lot like you: so much to do; so little time.

Given that supportive tools and resources are essential to all Sales and Marketing professionals across both B2B and B2C customer acquisition, why is it that it’s so hard to connect product/service provider to product/service user? Perhaps, it comes down to 2 simple things: 1) everyone is busy; 2) communication channels are crowded.

The good news? There’s an easy solution for both.

SMS: The Short Message That Can Go a Long Way

Regardless of where you are in the customer journey, the next step is always a conversion. Move a lead to an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead), an MQL to SQL (Sales Qualified Lead), turn that SQL into an Opportunity, close that deal, upsell, retain, increase revenue. Repeat. Somewhere along the way, you acquired contact details. Maybe the lead filled out a form on your website, downloaded a report, or stopped by your exhibit booth (well, not lately on that last one). Score! You’ve got their email and phone number. It’s time to get your SDR on the case to set up that meeting. But what if there was a more effective way to reach that prospect? After all, they didn’t sign up for a meeting – all you really know is that they have some level of interest in what you have to offer.

Maybe they’d like to learn more about your business before taking the time to meet. Maybe they’ve been exploring solutions for weeks and with just a few quick questions can qualify a fit. Maybe they have no availability in their calendar for a week but a deadline to select a vendor in 2 days. Let’s assume they have priorities, and you’re not one of them. If this is the case, your email will be deleted before it’s read. Your phone call will certainly be ignored. Your LinkedIn request will sit pending. Your SMS message, however, well — there’s a 98% chance it will be read within just a few minutes of sending it. And that’s just the [positive] start.

As discussed above, much like you, your prospect is a time-crunched multi-tasker. Decisions are made via chat while contracts are being signed over email all during multi-hour planning sessions on Zoom. Carving out dedicated time and mental space to have a conversation specific to one thing, at one time, is not just hard – it’s selfish. With SMS, you have the opportunity to showcase your empathy, availability, flexibility, and support all in one simple communication that the recipient can respond to whenever they have even just 5 seconds of found bandwith. 

Send reminders about expiring offers. Text a link to a contract that just needs a final signature. Ask multiple choice questions that show them you’re willing to do all the work, piecing bits of information together to get them what they need. Leverage a personalized, direct line to grab their attention and immediately strengthen their connection to you and your brand.

With easy integrations available through SalesForce, HubSpot, Oracle Responsys, Magento, Microsoft Power Automate, and more, building SMS into your B2B customer engagement strategy is as easy as logging in to your chosen tool, selecting Mitto, connecting, scheduling, and chatting.

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