“The future is now” – how many times have you heard that? While overused in the world of tech, the sentiment rings no truer than the technology of cryptocurrency. Lauded as the future of money, crypto is already being used by more than 300 million people worldwide, and over 18,000 businesses accept some type of cryptocurrency as payment. Furthermore, over 50 million Americans that have never owned crypto plan to buy some in the coming year.

With more and more consumers opting to use digital currency, social media giants are beginning to take notice. In fact, WhatsApp recently launched a cryptocurrency payment pilot program in the United States. Though it’s currently limited to P2P, the program is likely to gain traction and be utilized in the B2C space in the very near future.

If your business is looking to take advantage of this new way to pay, an omnichannel messaging approach could offer you many advantages. 

Here’s why omnichannel and crypto are a match made in heaven.

The rise of conversational commerce

Today’s consumers are getting in touch with brands via social platforms more now than ever before. Shoppers can browse inventory, ask questions, track their packages, and even receive product recommendations right from their social messaging channel of choice. So why would paying for their purchases through a direct message be any different?

Payments via messaging are increasing in popularity. Apple Pay and Google Pay are now available within their respective messaging apps. Payment options through social communications make it simple for customers to close out a sale right within the chat conversation. Whether they’re using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, consumers expect convenient and quick shopping solutions.

Businesses that offer conversational commerce can boost both sales and brand loyalty. The numbers don’t lie: global spending via conversational commerce channels totaled about $41 billion in 2021. That figure is expected to grow almost sevenfold by 2025, totaling $290 billion.

Omnichannel messaging is the best strategy to harness the power of conversational commerce, including in-chat crypto payment options.

Omnichannel messaging and crypto enhance the customer experience

Gone are the days of having to visit a brick-and-mortar store and pay for an item with cash. Even using a credit card is a primordial form of payment! With digital currency, consumers can buy virtually anything whenever and wherever they are. And they can do it all right from their phone.

By taking an omnichannel approach to your payment solutions, customers can pay their way. They can also pay right from the chat conversation on their social platform of choice. By closely catering to your customers, you can improve their experience, deepen brand-customer connections, and generate more growth for your company.

Modern shoppers expect brands to be responsive, innovative, and dependable. They also expect a customized experience that accommodates their personal needs and desires. Omnichannel messaging strategies enable your business to immediately respond to customers. By promptly answering queries and resolving issues via social communications, your brand will cultivate trust from even the most skeptical shoppers. Moreover, offering cryptocurrency payment options shows consumers that your business embraces innovation.

When you mix all of these different components together, the result is a real WOW experience for your customers.

Ensuring a customer’s crypto paying experience is fantastic

In order to guarantee that your customers are having the best experience possible, there are some steps you can take to streamline your omnichannel communications strategies. These include:

  • Personalized and engaging experiences with AI: You can offer your customers fast, friendly service 24/7 by using chatbots. These bots can support consumers in a wide array of scenarios. Chatbots are true digital agents that can engage and support your customers, even during more complex conversations.

  • Leverage analytics and data: It’s essential to create a 360-degree customer view by connecting different data sources across all of your social media channels. Analytics can then transform this data into actionable insights that give you an intimate understanding of your customer’s experiences. This allows you to continuously improve upon your campaigns and omnichannel tactics.

The ultimate combo: omnichannel and crypto

In the near future, all social platforms may offer crypto payment options. To offer your customers a fantastic experience, it’s important to set the foundation for a strong omnichannel messaging strategy that will enable your conversational commerce initiatives in the future.To learn how Mitto can set you up for success, contact us today.