Instantaneous communications are a dominant force in how people interact not only with each other but with businesses. It’s no surprise that 86% of consumers expect conversations with brands to move seamlessly from one channel to another.

And with the rise in social media advertising across popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it’s essential not just to attract but retain a shopper’s attention. Efficiently moving a potential customer down your sales funnel requires a seamless experience across all platforms. That includes social media and chat apps. 

Get a leg up on your competition and amplify the power of your digital ads with omnichannel messaging. You can boost engagement, build trust, and create frictionless and convenient brand-customer interactions by being available via direct messaging (DM) across all of your social channels. Omnichannel messaging enables a consumer to see your beautifully designed social media ad and then directly reach out to your company within the same channel.

Social media messaging is on the rise

To fully understand why omnichannel messaging now plays an essential role in your social marketing strategies, we need to talk about the popularity of social media messaging. Since the start of the global pandemic, 87% of consumers now use social media apps to message with brands. Furthermore, 55% stated that a brand’s social media messaging efforts encouraged a purchase via the website, 42% through the social app, and 39% in-store.

Social media is a part of everyday life. Consumers want to play, learn, communicate, and shop on social platforms. You leverage ads to place your products or services in front of a customer’s eyeballs, but what happens if they have a question? You only have their attention for a split second. Your brand can better hold that attention and convert that customer by being available via DM within the same channel.

How can my brand provide swift communications on social platforms?

Using an omnichannel messaging solution, such as Conversations, you’ll receive all customer messages in one easy-to-manage dashboard. Now it’s easy to respond to the DMs your brand receives as promptly as possible. In addition to leveraging your customer service team, you can also implement chatbots to engage consumers 24/7. These bots can alleviate your support team’s workload while attracting new customers and cultivating relationships with them.

Chatbots can promptly solve queries, engage audiences, and even process transactions. The sky’s the limit! And the secret’s out – nearly half of consumers don’t care if a robot or an actual human helps them as long as their needs are met.

Leveraging omnichannel messaging in social media ad campaigns

To provide customers with the best experience possible, you should be available beyond your ads. Omnichannel messaging creates a frictionless avenue for customers to see your ad within a chat or social app, then submit inquiries and proceed with transactions directly within the same app. 

To optimize the success of your omnichannel messaging strategy, it’s crucial to maintain consistency, continuity, customization, and analytics.

  • Consistency: Every brand-customer interaction across every platform and at every customer lifecycle stage must be consistent. If there is any disruption, a shopper can become frustrated and jump ship.
  • Continuity: It’s essential to engage and communicate with customers across all social platforms continually. This continuous engagement will help to guide them through the buyer’s journey.
  • Customization: While your brand messaging must remain consistent, your communications must also cater to individual shoppers. Understanding demographics and preferences are critical to a successful omnichannel approach.
  • Analytics: Leverage cross-platform analytics to retarget non-converting customers with a more personalized communications campaign. Understanding what worked and didn’t work is vital for continuously optimizing your strategies.

With a consistent customer experience and omnichannel messaging, you can attract, attain, and retain customers via your social media ads for the long haul.

The writing is on the wall: omnichannel boosts social ad success

Running ads on social media platforms isn’t enough anymore. You need to distinguish yourself from competitors by enhancing your social ads with omnichannel messaging. Allowing consumers to see an ad and immediately engage with a customer support rep or chatbot within the same channel, you create a strong customer experience and build long-term growth for your brand.To learn how Mitto’s omnichannel messaging offerings can make your social ads more effective, contact us today.