4 Ways Conversational Commerce Helps Brands Overcome CX Challenges

The customer experience (CX) reigns supreme in the modern eCommerce landscape. Today’s consumers are more concerned with the experiences brands deliver than the quality of the products they buy. Almost […]

The customer experience (CX) reigns supreme in the modern eCommerce landscape. Today’s consumers are more concerned with the experiences brands deliver than the quality of the products they buy. Almost two-thirds of consumers crave more meaningful experiences from brands. And 86% of them are willing to pay more for a great experience.  About 81% of businesses view CX as a competitive differentiator. However, many struggle to wow shoppers. Increasing customer demands, impersonal communications, and inconsistent platform engagements can make the customer experience lackluster. Conversational commerce helps brands overcome these challenges. This new approach to eCommerce prioritizes natural, two-way conversations between companies and consumers. These conversational experiences can enhance and streamline every virtual interaction a customer has with your business.   Here are four ways conversational commerce helps both businesses and consumers.  

1. Personalized support and product recommendations

  Generic messages and one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns don’t cut it anymore. Modern consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, expect meaningful engagements tailored to their needs and preferences. But delivering individualized experiences at scale is challenging.  Brands can use conversational commerce channels, like SMS, chatbots, or messaging platforms, to open a dialogue with more customers. Shoppers can ask questions and get immediate, personalized support. This recreates the in-store experience of getting one-on-one attention from a friendly sales associate. You can also leverage data to delight your customers with personalized product recommendations. Have your chatbot act as a virtual concierge and send consumers recommendations based on demographics or browsing history.   

2. Seamless experiences across all platforms

  Over 75% of customers expect consistent interactions. Customers will quickly lose trust if you send Facebook messages filled with emojis and slang only to turn around and blast out corporate-sounding SMS texts. It’s like going on a lovely first date with a polite, funny person only to have them become boisterous and yell at the server on your second encounter. You’ll be left wondering who they truly are.  Maintaining consistent messaging across all channels builds credibility and trust. By taking an omnichannel approach, you’ll eliminate any friction that can slow or disrupt the customer journey. It also ensures that shoppers receive comprehensive support. For complicated questions, a live support agent can pick up where a messaging app chatbot left off. Brands implementing mature omnichannel strategies were three times more likely to drive revenue and report that the customer experience they delivered deserves an “A.”   

3. Conversational commerce brings in-store experiences online

  Though many consumers now prefer to shop online rather than drive to a physical storefront, they may miss in-person shopping experiences. Nothing is better than having an upbeat and knowledgeable sales associate ask you questions, learn about your needs, and guide you through the purchase. You’ll leave the store confident you made the right decision. Conversational commerce can bring those stellar in-store experiences online. Customers can effortlessly connect with friendly chatbots or live agents for immediate, personalized support. You can ask shoppers questions and suggest products that match their needs. Send promotions, upgrades, upsells, or add-ons tailored to individuals.   

4. Enhance the post-purchase experience with conversational commerce

  Did you know retaining previous customers is much more cost-effective than attracting new ones? Use conversational commerce to improve post-purchase experiences and transform customers into brand ambassadors. After a customer finalizes their purchase, keep them up to date with SMS shipment notifications. If their package is running late, text them immediately to let them know. Customers receiving world-class service and support will keep returning for more.   

Conversational commerce starts at Mitto

  With Mitto Conversations, you can deliver unforgettable customer experiences on every channel you use. Engage consumers with consistent, personalized conversations on their preferred platform. You can also set up automated replies for 24/7 support. Mitto’s tools can seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack, including HubSpot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This makes it easy to segment your customers and send relevant content to the right people. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can improve your CX strategies.