Conversational Marketing: Driving Campaign Success

One of the biggest metrics used for measuring the success of a marketing campaign is how much chatter it prompted about your brand. Was your campaign even a success if […]

One of the biggest metrics used for measuring the success of a marketing campaign is how much chatter it prompted about your brand. Was your campaign even a success if it didn’t spark a conversation?   Communication is the core of stellar marketing efforts, especially when it comes to social media. In fact, a recent study by Twitter found that conversations drive sales. Their findings revealed that a 10% increase in brand conversation could boost sales by 3%.   It makes sense. If consumers are intrigued by what you have to say, they’ll be more inclined to be interested in the products or services you offer.   So, how can you foster a dialogue about your brand and encourage consumers to check out more? Slide into the DMs. Direct messages (DMs) allow you to continue the conversation between you and your customers.   Let’s focus on the value of DMs on Twitter to get more people talking about your brand.   

Why Twitter?

  Twitter is where conversations happen on the internet. People use Twitter to learn about the latest happenings, including news, trends, and hey – even updates from their favorite brands. That’s you! This gives businesses an amazing opportunity to engage consumers who are already interested. When your brand is relevant on Twitter, audiences want to learn more.   According to Twitter’s study, the social platform is three times more efficient at boosting brand conversations than other digital advertising channels.   Brands that build connections with consumers can start and maintain relationships, promote brand loyalty, and spur sales. And these connections can all be enhanced with direct two-way conversations.  

What are DMs on Twitter?

  At this point, most people know what sliding into the DMs means. It’s when you direct message another Twitter user in a private chat. But did you know DMs aren’t just for dating prospects? Direct messages on Twitter are excellent for brands to connect with customers. While likes, replies, and mentions are all transparent Twitter activities, direct messages allow consumers to chat privately with your business. They can ask questions, voice their concerns, or simply show your brand some love.   Since Twitter DMs are private and allow for messages that are up to 10,000 characters long—a far cry from a tweet’s 240-character count limit—they provide a great opportunity for thoughtful engagement. And with your Marketing and Support teams closely managing your inbox, your customers now have a direct line to your brand. Everyone gets to be a VIP.     There are two things to consider when chatting with your customers on Twitter DMs. Personalization and promptness are paramount.  

Personalize every private conversation

  Be sure to always personalize your messages when communicating directly with individual customers. Personalization will drive brand loyalty and ensure repeat engagements. When you tailor the conversation to customers’ unique wants and needs, they’ll keep coming back for more. Additionally, personalization powers purchases. About 76% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business that engages them on a personal level.     Customized conversations brimming with credible information can make the difference between DMs customers want to read and drab messages that wind up ignored.   When privately messaging customers, always address them by their real names. You should also be providing content that solves their particular pain points. You can learn more about a customer’s needs and how to quickly remediate the issue by asking specific questions. For instance, if a shirt a customer wants is out of stock, you can get information on their size and style inclinations. This way, you can make recommendations for apparel that is currently in stock based on the customer’s individual preferences.   Business accounts should take advantage of Twitter’s custom profiles in direct messages feature. This feature adds a human element to private conversations by indicating who the user is talking to. Your company can add customer support associates’ pictures and names to DMs by linking a custom bio page for each agent. This gives customers peace of mind knowing that they’re chatting with a real human instead of a bot.  

Speaking of bots…

  While more challenging customer inquiries should be handled by people, chatbots can provide immediate support for simple issues 24/7. Almost 70% of consumers prefer using chatbots to answer straightforward questions immediately. Promptness is key when opening up direct messages for marketing and support. If your team needs time to respond, a chatbot can step in to manage simple requests or gather relevant details for an agent to review once they’re available.   When crafting your bot, be sure to give them a distinct personality that embodies your brand. If your brand is playful, make your chatbot approachable and fun to talk to. A dash of humor goes a long way.   As it goes for direct messaging, always create a personalized chatbot experience for your customers. Give the bot access to customer information so it can address a person by name and provide them with valuable information.  

Mitto makes your messages matter

  Ready to start a conversation? With Mitto Conversations, you can talk to all of your customers on a single, simple-to-use dashboard. SMS, Instagram, Google Business, Twitter (of course) and dozens more. All in one unified inbox for your team to offer the best customer experience. You can even personalize your messages with videos, images, and links or automate your customer support with custom auto-replies!   Contact us today to start engaging with more customers on Twitter and beyond. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @mittoglobal!