The modern-day customer journey is not linear. With 51% of companies using at least eight different platforms to interact with consumers, many twists and turns are added to their purchasing passage.   So how can you unify a shopper’s experience across social, mobile, SMS, and web channels? The answer may already be stored in your customer relationship management (CRM) system.   While many businesses use data to induce consumers to make a purchase, savvy brands can convert human insights into actionable business intelligence to foster relationships that are much more than transactional.   By leveraging the data already stored in your CRM, you can craft the perfect message to win over even the toughest customer.  

Creating a customer 360

  A customer 360 is a 360-degree view of a consumer and their journey based on data collected at every interaction. This gives everybody on your team a single source of truth about a customer.   In a 2020 Harvard Business Review survey, 45% of respondents sought to achieve “a single unified view of the customer” across all platforms. Having such robust insight into your targeted audience can help you create evocative experiences that resonate on a deeper level.   A customer 360 gives you a clear picture of the past, present, and future relationship a consumer has with your brand. This includes a history of interactions across all channels, product views, the context of their current interactions, and what future product recommendations they’d find most appealing.      A 360-degree customer view enables brands to:  

  • Develop highly-personalized marketing campaigns


  • Thoroughly understand a consumer and their behaviors


  • Deliver a cohesive customer experience

  Customer data in your CRM builds a solid foundation for a holistic view of your customers and their journey. By effectively using a customer 360, your brand can boost conversions with personalized omnichannel conversations.   

It’s the journey, and the destination

  While most businesses’ end goal is to finalize the transaction and boost profits, brands can use a customer 360 to make conscientious decisions along the customer journey to nourish relationships and build trust.   To keep consumers happy for the long haul, brands need to focus on the buyer’s journey, not just the final checkout destination. This means creating valuable, meaningful interactions every step of the way. From awareness to acquisition to advocacy, a successful brand offers ongoing stewardship and support.   Your CRM centralizes the essential data that creates amazing customer experiences. You can use these insights to maintain the same conversation across multiple channels, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, and more, along the buying journey.  

Enhancing omnichannel strategies with customer data

  By enhancing your omnichannel strategies with data, your brand can:  

  • Develop predictable customer analysis: By collecting diverse data from a buyer’s journey, a brand can get a clearer image of how a consumer might think or act. Various patterns can tell you about a customer’s likelihood to make a purchase. Additionally, if a customer demonstrates frustration at a particular point in their journey, you can course correct before they churn.


  • Drive brand loyalty: An amazing customer experience now trumps product and price as the key brand differentiator. For example, 93% of Americans are more likely to have patience with shipment delays if they already associate a brand with good customer experiences.


  • Provide better support for customers: Customer service is an essential part of the customer journey. Two-way, customized communications on the channels customers prefer allows brands to be proactive and easily accessible. 


Conclusion: customer data enhances omnichannel strategies

  No matter what industry you’re in, it’s crucial to understand the people you’re serving. By integrating customer data from your CRM with strong omnichannel strategies, you can deliver enriched experiences across every touchpoint and channel.   Integrations with Mitto allow you to seamlessly integrate omnichannel communications with your existing CRM, including HubSpot, Salesforce, and many more. It’s time to meet those conversion goals and up your customer experience game. Contact us today to get started.