When you think of customer service, what comes to mind? Is it a bustling call center with agents alleviating customer complaints on the phone? Or do you conjure up images of customer service representatives responding to emails?


While these traditional avenues are still effective, customers are now demanding more. About 80% of consumers interact with brands on social media and 63% of customers expect businesses to offer support via these channels. As a result, shoppers expect timely responses and 24/7 support. If brands fail to live up to these expectations, they could lose customers and profits.


So, how can your company keep up with growing consumer demands without overwhelming its customer service team? The answer is by taking an omnichannel approach to your customer support efforts that includes Facebook Messenger. 


What is omnichannel customer support?


An omnichannel customer service strategy allows brands to provide a cohesive customer experience across numerous channels. Additionally, businesses can offer prompt and continuous support on a customer’s preferred platform.


According to Mitto’s State of the Customer Experience benchmark report, compared to businesses with little or no omnichannel strategy, brands that had implemented a mature strategy were:


  • Two times more likely to respond to customers in real-time or less than one hour


  • Three times more likely to deliver a customer experience that was rated an “A”


  • Four times more likely to have extremely loyal customers


An omnichannel customer support strategy enables brands to deliver outstanding services to all consumers, regardless of what channel they’re on.


Facebook Messenger: a powerful tool in your omnichannel arsenal


One channel that all brands should certainly be using for customer support is Facebook Messenger. With over 1.3 billion people across the globe using Facebook Messenger each month, brands can optimize their use of digital channels while making it simple for shoppers to find the products they’re looking for.


This real-time messaging app allows brands to offer immediate responses to customers in a comfortable, private format. Furthermore, chatbots and auto-replies take the heat off your customer support department by delivering quick answers to simple questions 24/7.


Brands exchange more than 20 billion messages with people every month on Facebook Messenger. If your business isn’t onboard, it could be missing out on tons of benefits, including:


  • Providing better customer service


  • Allowing shoppers to conveniently make purchases right from the chat


  • Building brand trust. In fact, a recent Facebook study revealed that 69% of US consumers felt more confident about brands they were able to message. And over half of customers said this made them feel more personally connected to the brand.


  • Creating a safe space for sensitive information where customers can voice their concerns privately


Now that you better understand the benefits, let’s take a look at some ways your brand can start using Facebook Messenger to provide top-notch customer support.


Tips for using Facebook Messenger for superior customer support


Here are a few tips to streamline your customer support processes and provide consumers with amazing experiences using Facebook Messenger. 


Take advantage of automation


To make the most out of Facebook Messenger, you should utilize automation. Brands can program chatbots to answer straightforward questions or direct customers to knowledge base articles that further address their issues. If the bot cannot resolve the problem, a ticket will be sent to a live agent. They can read the message thread and take command of the conversation without missing a beat.


To make their customer support processes even more efficient, brands can set up self-service resources on their Facebook page, including knowledge base articles. These articles address common customer questions and concerns in-depth and provide them with the answers they’re looking for.


Personalize your messages


In addition to lightning-fast responses, personalizing your messages is essential. This makes customers feel important. They don’t want to chat endlessly with a robot that can’t empathize with their unique needs.


That’s where Mitto’s Facebook Messenger solutions come in handy. Our tools allow brands to provide 1:1 conversations that are precisely tailored to individual customers. Effortlessly build trust and enhance the customer experience with our advanced omnichannel technology. 


Make Facebook Messenger part of your bigger omnichannel customer support strategy


Want to start using Facebook Messenger to provide fantastic support to your customers? With Mitto Conversations, you can easily add Facebook Messenger to your larger omnichannel strategy. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to manage all of your conversations from one place. Quickly connect with customers, no matter what platform they’re on.


To learn more about how Mitto Conversations can help your customer support efforts, contact us today.